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The Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android - Help You Get up Early!

2016-03-09 15:08:53/Posted by Alleny Gavinto Android Backup Topic/Follow @ MobiKin

Sleeping is so sweet and the bed is so comfortable that getting up early is hard, painful and even impossible for many people in the cold winter. Then we all need an alarm clock to help us wake up from sleeping. In the past, we used to use the standalone bedside alarm clock. But nowadays, with more and more powerful smart phones, it is unnecessary for you to buy the alarm clock and you can download a clock app on your smart phones. There are various types of alarm clock apps so you do not worry that the app can only make the noisy and boring beeping sound. Here we will recommend you several apps with diverse functions for you! Just select one among them!


1. Wave Alarm

This app enables the users to snooze or dismiss the alarm by waving the device. The users can also set it to either snooze for a moment or disable the alarm completely according to your needs by swiping the device. Apart from waving gesture function, the app can also offer you the date, time and local weather. Finally the app is free but if you want to unlock key to remove advertisements and get more color and alarm options, you need to pay $2.99.

Download Wave Alarm on Google Play>>


2. Alarm Pro

Among all of these clock apps, this one has one of the best interfaces as you can see from the screenshot below. The interface is clean and suave and the red and white color combination of the app makes the software one of the most pleasing ones to operate. What's more, there is a built-in calendar in the app so that you can plan and record the daily activities with the app. Furthermore, you can record the anniversaries and birthdays with the app. The software will also offer you the rents and countdown options. By the way, this app is totally free!


3. Puzzle Alarm Clock

This app is a special and funny alarm clock compared with all those apps. It is a simple but easy-to-use software. The biggest feature of the software is that you will meet a puzzle instead of a snooze button when you need to disable or dismiss the alarm. Thus, you will not go back to sleep like what you usually do. The alarm will keep ringing if you cannot solve the puzzle. This feature makes Puzzle Alarm Clock different from all those apps. Moreover, the app can offer you 3 different melodies for light sleepers and an explosive sound for heavy sleepers.

Get Puzzle Alarm Clock in Google Play>>


4. Life Time Alarm Clock

This is another funny alarm clock and can offer you features that other similar app cannot offer. The users are able to set different styles of rings to wake yourself up. For example, you can select the tones among the 80's alarm clock, heavy metal, police siren, air horn and so on. What's more, you can also set the volume from Low, 2-8 and Full. Besides, you can also set the gradual fade-in function.

Download Life Time Alarm Clock on Google Play>>


5. Alarmy

As you can see the "army" from the name, you may guess the designing theory of this app. Actually the advertisement of the app is "Sleep if you can" and "You're going to hate how awesome this alarm works." Here is how it works. You take a picture of something like your computer or bathroom. Then you need to take a same picture when you want to turn off or dismiss the alarm every morning. So I guess few people will go back to sleep after he or she takes the photo of the bathroom. The app is free but if you want to get rid of the ads and enjoy the full version, you have to pay for $1.71.

Click here to download Alarmy


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