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Top 4 Bluetooth Managers for Android: Everything about Bluetooth on Android Devices

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Among the greatest features on the modern day multimedia devices like smartphones, video gaming systems, PDA's and laptops, are the incorporation of Bluetooth. Bluetooth is the most popular wireless technology that is utilized in the transferring or sharing of data between various portable and non-portable multimedia and electronic devices.

Through Bluetooth, sending of important files and other pieces of information can be done quickly and securely. Bluetooth comes with a distance limitation, as data can only be transferred between two devices within the range of up to 10 meters. Exceeding this distance leads to the termination of the connection. However, we must appreciate its effort to eliminate the use of adapters, cables and cords by enabling wireless communication between devices.

Functions of Bluetooth embedded on Android devices

With Bluetooth expertly embedded on your Android smart device, you are free to utilize it in one of the following ways:

- Transfer and receive data between two Bluetooth enabled devices.
- Connect to a wireless Bluetooth embedded headset to play music and attend to your calls.
- Synchronize all the data across various Bluetooth enabled, multimedia devices like PC and tablets.

Now, let's us to check the pros and cons of using Bluetooth on your Android devices.

Pros: Bluetooth comes with many advantages that collaborate to provide excellent services to all users regardless of the different operating system on the available multimedia devices.

- Doesn't need any wires and cable to connect.
- Operates on low power.
- Doesn't necessitate a clear viewable path between the connecting devices.
- Secure and straightforward to operate.
- No interference whatsoever to its operations when one navigates to different applications or a different window.


- Less secure as compared to other superior wireless technologies.
- Not compatible with some multimedia devices.
- Slower transfer speed of about 1mbps as compared to other superior wireless technologies which boast transfer speeds of about 4mbps.

How to Use Bluetooth on An Android Phone or Tablet?

Android operating system is proud to have joined other operating system providers like Microsoft, Blackberry, and Apple in the use of Bluetooth Smart Ready Revolution. This suggests that all the latest Android smart devices with the latest Android OS are in a position to pair and communicate with other Bluetooth embedded products like headphones and keyboards.

How to pair and connect Android devices to Bluetooth?

Step 1. Open your Android device and find the "Settings". Under this option, go to "Wireless & Networks" and select "Bluetooth" settings.

Step 2. Turn on your Bluetooth on the device and scan for avaliable devices.

Step 3. When the scanning is finished, you can get a list of avaliable devices for pairing. Just tap the device you wish to pair and enter a matching passkey on both devices if it is required.

Now, your Android devices have paired and connected with bluetooth, and you can transfer or share files between them without restrictions.


Top 4 Android Bluetooth Managers - Make Your Bluetooth Connection Run Faster

1. Bluetooth Auto Connect

This is a highly rated Android Bluetooth manager. It's expertly designed to ensure it works perfectly on different versions of the Android operating system. It's designed to connect automatically to your Android device immediately when Bluetooth is turned on or when the device's screen lights up. For the first time after installation manual connection is required but from then it will always recognize or sense your device without your intervention. Most importantly, it allows you to connect more than two Bluetooth enabled devices concurrently thanks to its prioritization ability. However, the automatic Bluetooth ability may not be compatible with some Android devices especially mobiles. Also, at times, it becomes quite difficult to recognize your device.


2. Btoolkit Bluetooth Manager

This application ranks among the best for its excellent performance. With this Android Bluetooth manager running on your Android device, it automatically scans and synchronizes your device and hooks it up with one of the saved contacts for easy access. It allows easy filtering and sorting of the list of available Bluetooth enabled devices. You can also share your music and favorite pictures with all your saved contacts. However, it has been noted that it's not entirely compatible with 4.1 or above Android OS version due to its inability to pair and connect with the PIN-less Android devices.

You can download Btoolkit Bluetooth Manager>> 


3. Auto Bluetooth 

This is another Android Bluetooth manager that is making headlines in all the Android markets. Its thrilling performance on all Android OS versions contributes to its proficiency. With this app running on your Android device, it automatically pairs and connects to the selected devices immediately when a call is received or as soon as the call terminates. It automatically turns the Bluetooth off when not in use thus contributing to power saving on your device. You no longer need to worry about incoming calls while driving as it automatically receives them. Your device’s battery life is set to improve with the use of this Android Bluetooth manager.

You can download Auto Bluetooth from Google Play Store >> 


4. Bluetooth on Call

With this Bluetooth manager for Android, the Bluetooth on your Android device is automatically turned on upon receiving a call. Again upon, the termination of the call, this application automatically switches to the power saver mode, to conserve every remaining watt on your battery. It senses when you are listening or utilizing the voice dialed type of calls, and maintains the Bluetooth off. Most importantly, it doesn't interfere with your Bluetooth power option when your device needs to be fully charged.

You can download Bluetooth on Call>> 


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