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Top Android Download Managers - Managing Downloading Process of Applications Easily

2015-11-20 11:10:41/Posted by Alleny Gavinto Android Backup Topic/Follow @ MobiKin

How many files will you download every day? I guess the answer is a lot of files because we need to download the installation package in order to update the applications and operating system regularly, download the new apps to meet our needs and download some important files because of work. You may know that sometimes the downloading speed is low when many downloading tasks are going on at the same time. What's more, downloading data on Android is harder and more troublesome than to download files on computer. You may be not able to resume the downloading process after the Android phone connect to the Wi-Fi again. Or it may also be difficult to mange many downloading tasks at one batch on the Android phones.

In order to solve the problem, you may need the help of some download managers. Here we will recommend you some excellent apps with powerful functions that enable you to resume or pause the downloading process as you like, speed up the downloading process or share the downloaded files on social networking service. Now let's see what these apps are. By the way the software we recommend are all free.

1. Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager can automatically display all the downloading files on a window and captures the downloading links. It can support browser like Boat Browser, Stock Browser, Chrome, Dolphin and so on. You can make the best use of these functions if you download files on the supported browsers. With the software, you can improve the downloading speed and back up the downloaded files in different folders on SD card according to the types of the files and you will receive a prompt or feel the buzzes when the downloading tasks are over. The software will manage the downloading tasks on background so you can still play or use the mobile phone like usual.

But there are adware in the Free Version and if you don't want to see the ads, you can buy the Pro version. Besides, the software allow you to download up to three files at one batch.


  2. Download Manager for Android

Download Manager for Android  is a download manager with simple interface that enable users to manage downloading files with several steps, search the wanted files with voice, share the downloaded data on social networking service. It will speed up the downloading process and offer the functions to pause, resume or cancel many downloading processes easily and simply.

By the way the software is famous and popular and has 10 million downloads. It support nearly all types of files to download on the browsers.


 3. Loader Droid 

Loader Droid is the download manager that developed an designed for Ando rid devices specially. It can also enable users to speed up, pause and resume downloading processed just like the recommended apps above. It support the downloads of many types like music, apps, images and videos with 2G, 3G or Wi-Fi connected. By the way it will recognize the downloading links automatically.


4. Turbo download manager 

Turbo download manager features the downloading speed which can be five times faster than that of common download managers. It can also support various browsers and has no requirement to the sizeof downloading files.

What's more, it can support to download 10 downloading processes at most . The users can also be able to rename the files and will receive a prompt when the a task over. One word, it is a powerful comprehensive software.


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