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Apps for Connecting Android to Computer

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Sometimes people may need to transfer the files from Android to computer as a backup or transfer data from computer to your Android phone. Before the transfer, you need to connect the Android phone to computer. Here we will recommend you several apps that can help you connect the device to computer easily and quickly with no hassle. Every app has its features and you can select one by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the app and according to your likes.

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a simple and uncluttered app that enables the users to control your computer from your Android phone. The installation of the app is also simple and easy and you need to install the software on both Android phone and computer. Besides, the operation of the app is also simple and requires no professional skill and knowledge. You need to synchronies the two devices by selecting a pin that you need to enter in both of the devices. After that, you can see the screen of the computer on your Android phone and you can operate the computer on the Android device remotely. By the way the interface of the app is simple and concise.


2. AirDroid

AirDroid is a wonderful app that allows you to control Android phone from computer. And you need to install the app on the Android device and your computer as well if you want to manage the Android phone files on computer. The app can also allow you to make phone calls, send SMS and manage the applications that installed on your Android phone on the computer directly. If you do not like the small screen of the smart phone and want to manage the Android files with a bigger screen and keyboard, this app may be your best choice.


3. Airstream

Airstream can function as the transfer station or transit point between your computer and Android phone. You also need to install the app on both of your Android phone and computer just like other recommended apps above. After the installation, the app can allow you to stream files stored on the computer from their Android devices. What's more, the app can manage the files including not only the video or audio files but also other files.


4. Mobizen

Mobizen is also a outstanding app that enables you to control Android devices from a computer. You can also manage various Android files on computer or transfer files between Android and computer as you like. What's more, the application allows you to send text messages from a computer directly. Furthermore, the app enables you to check the notification, capture the screenshot of your Android phone and control many other features.


5. Polkast

Polkast can also function as the conduit between an Android device and a computer. It allows you to search and access files that saved on a computer from an Android phone. With a simple interface, the app enables you to manage the files efficiently and easily. What's more, the application also has a smart feature that can delete the older files when downloading new data.


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