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Best Android Task Manager Apps

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About the Tasks in Your Android Device

The various applications with different functions in Android device enable people to do many things efficiently and easily or just kill time breezily. Diverse applications also make our life more colorful and happier. When you use an application or many applications at the same time, then the processes of the apps will start automatically. And usually tasks run in the background silently and you will not notice them under normal situations. If there are too many tasks run at the same time, the operation of the device will be influenced. That's why we recommend the task manager to you. With these apps, you can know what apps and how many tasks are running now. Using the apps below can also help you speed up your device. There are several apps with the brief introductions below.

1. Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer  is one of the best task managers for Android and you should not miss this one. The app is very popular among other task manager apps. The app has a lot of advantages. It can kill the task that you do not want and keep the wanted tasks according to your needs. The app is free and easy to operate. With the powerful software, you can efficiently manage various tasks including both apps and games. By the way, the app is also able to clean Android memory. But sometimes there will be small bugs when the app is installed on some phones.


2. ES Task Manager

ES Task Manager is also pretty good. The app offers you text viewers and editors to you. What's more, the users are able to compress ZIP files as well as decompress it. You are also able to manage the files in the device with the files manager that provided by the app. But it also has some disadvantages. The functions in the free version of the app are limited and if you want the pro version, you need to pay for it.


3. Task Manager Pro

Task Manager Pro is relatively new compared with the recommended apps in the list. But the app has powerful functions and is not inferior to other apps. One of the features that should be mentioned is that the app enables users to kill task automatically and offer the battery doctoring functions. Furthermore, it will scan the Android SD card completely and thoroughly and provide you the detailed information about the hardware and software. But you should notice that the app is not compatible with some phones and there are also many bugs in it.


4. Go Cleaner and Task Manager

Go Cleaner and Task Manager is another popular app that is welcomed by many people and it has been downloaded for over 40 million times on the downloading website. The app not only enable users to kill many tasks with one click but also can clean different types of files like app data, call logs, history, cache, APK rubbish and so on. However, there are still some bugs in the app and it will take up much space on your memory card.


5. Watchdog Task Manager

Watchdog Task Manager can kill the specific apps to meet your needs and monitor all the tasks on your Android device. The app only kill the task that eats the CPU cycles. Besides, the app will also save your battery. But the free version of the application has few functions and you need to purchase the pro version to get the full version. And sometimes the app may get crashed because of the bugs in it.


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