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Best 8 Android Apps for Lyrics

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Listening to music is enjoyable and singing the favorite songs may make you happier. Because you can express youyself by the singing. As we know, the lyric is the soul of a song so many people want to know the lyrics. On one hand, you can not understand the songs deeply and really without knowing the lyrics. On the other hand, you have to know the lyrics if you want to learn to sing the songs. Besides, some of the lyrics are beautiful and worth to memory, which makes it more important for the listeners to find the lyrics.

However, the problem is that not all the music player can display the lyrics and even some powerful music player can do so, they can not always display the wanted lyrics of all the songs that you are listening to. Here we collected 8 lyrics apps for Android and offer you the brief introductions of these apps. Just chooses one according to your needs. I am sure the apps will save your many efforts to look for the lyrics.

1. musicXmatch

If you are a music lover, then you should download this app on your mobile phone. This is one of the best lyrics apps among most of the countries. The main features of the apps are as follows:

- The app can support the Android phones with Android OS 4.1 or later.  So you need to update your Android operating system if your Android OS can not meet the requirements. Besides, it can support Deezer Notifications and Spotify.
- The ads option on the app can be removed.
- It allows you to get the instant lyrics notifications from various music players.


2. MusicMax Lyrics Player

Many people may hope the app can providethe lyrics of  all the songs they listened to. Your requirements may be met by this app because it will search the lyrics on the internet and download it automatically. It is useful and practical.  Main features of the app are as follows:

- This application allows you to search and download the lyrics automatically.
- It is free but there are not any advertisements in it.
- You are able to put the app on your mobile phone's screen as a widget.
- It allows you to listen to the music by scrolling the lyrics.


3. Tunewiki

Tunewiki  is a special app and it focus on the social aspects compare to other apps. You can share and discuss the mucic you are listening to or the lyrics with your friends on the social network. Moreover, it can offer you some bios about the current artists. More features about the app are as follows:

- You are allowed to scroll the lyrics when listening to songs.
- It is add-free and support over 40 languages.
- You can create your own lyric art and search for the latest songs.


4. Lyrics finder

As you can see from the screenshot below, the Lyrics finder has beautiful interfaces, which may delight you when you enjoy the music. The app suits for the users whose memory space is not large or want a app can run quickly.  Other introductions about the application are as follows:

- It supports over 16 international languages.
- The application operates fast and its size is small.
- It supports Android devices with Android OS 4.1 and later.
- With the software, you can share the lyrics with your friends or strangers online.


5. Shazam

May be you have heard about the app before, because it was welcomed by many people. As one of the most popular lyrics apps, Shazam has a funny function that it can ba started automatically in the supported songs when you turn the mobile phone in landscape. Other features about the app:

- As a popular app, it allows you to download over 500 million songs.
- You are allowed to share the music on the social network with others.
- With high compatibility, it can support various Android devices with different operating system.


6. Fusion Music Player

Another powerful application that offer you lyrics of various songs. With a  small size, it will not take much space of the memory card on the device. It also offers you platform to find music based on album and artist.

- It is clean without any advertisements.
- It offers you the screen widget.
- You can share the music with your friends on the social network like Facebook and Twitter.
- It can be applied on ICS or later.
- It can function as a MP3 cutter.
- The users can view the music by mutiple effects.


7. Air Lyrics

As a powerful lyric app, it can help you find the lyrics of the songs that were played on your device. The lyrics will be displayed like the picture shows below. The design of the application is simple. More features are as follows:

- The background can be adjusted to be dark or light according to different themes.
- It can be applied on Android 2.2 or later, which means the Android phones with old version of operating system can use the app.
- The app will detect the background when you listen to the music.


8. Sound tracking

It is developed by Rhapsody international and the downloads reached a million in the first year of its launching, which may indicates the popularity and wonderful performance of the application.

- You can easily and quickly find the lyrics you want.
- You are allowed to tag friends or share the music with Sound tracking.
- It offers you over 26 million music.
- The disadvantages of the app is that there is some bugs on the software so that not all the device can be supported by it.


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