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Best 10 Office Apps for Android

2016-04-07 16:16:15/Posted by Alleny Gavinto Android Backup Topic/Follow @ MobiKin

Some people believe that smartphones and tablets are just meant to be for fun and games. This is because there is no serious work that can be done on it. Well, the good news is that android smartphones now have a powerful instrument including editing of complex documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint. All that you need to have is an office suite.

Therefore, below are the top 10 office apps recommended for Android:

1– OneNote

Microsoft’s OneNote has a number of advantages over its competitors. First it has an easy- to-use interface and is very user friendly. This app automatically syncs all your documents to one drive. Thus the notes are backed up and easily accessible through the cloud. The OneNote integration is great because it works quite well with your existing Microsoft account and there is no need for you to start creating and maintaining again another account. It does really great with a stylus-equipped device like the one in Samsung Galaxy Note line, so you can write the notes with your hand and draw diagrams as well. 

office apps for android onenote-1

2- QuickBooks for Android

QuickBooks offer various accounting tools that help you to keep track and manage all your finances. This android app is more of a mobile companion application that has useful tools to enable you track sales and send out to people invoices and even review the most recent payments. This can be done even when you are away from the office. 

office apps for android quickbooks-2

3- Polaris Office

Polaris office is one of the Android apps that is often recommended for offices. The layout of this application has improved a lot and now looks really great on modern Android devices. When it comes to functionality, you get editing and support for a number of cloud services. You can also cast documents, presentations and spreadsheets to a chrome cast. First you will be required to create an account on your first launch. It gets deeply integrated with its online service making it quite competitive with other cloud-based suites. 

office apps for android polaris-office-3

4- Microsoft Office Mobile

It took some time but Microsoft office Mobile is now present on Android. It is so impressive for several reasons such as; you can create a document, edit it and save in Microsoft word, Excel files and PowerPoint on mobiles and tablets. If you are planning to use it for personal stuff then you can do it all for free, though there is an existing Microsoft Email account with a paid desktop version that is needed to ensure it is totally legit. 

office apps for android microsoft-office-mobile-4

5- Google Drive

This is the new app that comes built right in to the operating system. This new version packs in much more than other previous versions. You will still have total access to your cloud-synced Google Docs records as well as the same cooperative editing tools but the difference is that now it is combined with Google’s private locker service. This means that all your documents, photos and files are contained inside the single app. And all the information is automatically saved to Google’s servers to provide easy access on other computers. 

office apps for android google drive for android-5

6- Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is the office suite that you can turn to when you want the same convenience of Google Docs but you want your information to remain personal. When you create a file here, it gets synced to a Zoho account which you can easily access using any web browser. You also have the capability to share your documents with any other person as long as they use this service. Although it has a deep integration with the Zoho site, you are still able to download files and keep them locally. 


7- WPS Office

This is one of the best office suite that you can find on Android without having to spend even a single penny. It features a modern interface that looks lustrous from the first time you open the application. Once you start editing a document, this application should definitely feel right. WPS Office has over forty languages, integrates with EverNote and supports wireless printing. It can also open documents from a number of local sources at the same time load and save files to other cloud storage providers. It also has compatibility with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. 


8- Office Suite 8

With the use of this application, you can create, edit and save any complex Microsoft Office documents. You can also create spreadsheets in Excel and presentations in PowerPoint. It features a very user friendly interface and has a lot of formatting and styling features. You can store the files locally or in the cloud. It also lets you scan your papers and have difficult words defined for you. It has premium features including the option of exporting PDF format. 


9- Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Among the best productive suite for Android Smartphones is Google Docs. The application includes Word processor documents, spreadsheets editor and even presentation maker slides. Google Docs has more features, an eye-catching interface and a cleaner. It also has much better tools to insert images, tables, charts and other elements in your document. They are well compatible with Microsoft files and you can edit it offline. This ensures that you do not really have to worry about losing your service because you can do it offline. 


10- Docs to Go

This is one of the apps that have quite a long history. It has appeared on Windows mobile, Blackberry OS and Maemo. And now Android has risen very fast to dominate the mobile division. It features some advanced word processing features that have been able to creep up such as managing footnotes and endnotes, leaving comments, embedding graphics and setting up a table of content. When it comes to the spreadsheet side, it has over 110 functions that are supported. It can support clod storage accounts on OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. It also has a number of features that are put behind in-app purchases such as opening of password protected files and access of cloud storage. 


Wrap up

There are many android apps that are recommended for many people. Most of them come with the option of creating and editing word documents, creating of spreadsheets in excel and even PowerPoint presentations. Well with most of this apps you can never go wrong during a presentation or when filling out accounting documents. 

Bonus: Android App Manager

You may download many apps including not only the office apps I list above but also many other types of applications like podcast managers, task manager, calendar app, free games or brain buster games on your Android device. Then you may need a smart phone assistant to help you to manage all these apps. Here we will recommend you a powerful software - MobiKin Android App Manager (Windows & Mac), which can not only help you manage various applications you downloaded but also can manage other files like contacts, SMS messages, music, videos, apps, ebooks and so on. You are able to transfer these files between your Android phone or tablet and computer with no hassle. You can download the free trial version by clicking the icons below and manage your Android apps freely or transfer files between Android and computer.

android app manager android app manager

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