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How to Effectively Block Ads on Android?

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Ads exist on the internet to effectively fund free content. The internet is by far the best mode of advertisement as opposed to native advertisements as it reaches a much bigger audience. There are over 3 billion internet users in the world meaning that one ad can be viewed by billions of people around the world. The mobile ad market is also large as a big part of the world’s internet users access online content through their phones hence smart phone apps become big platform for advertisements.

Mobile ad penetration is a good thing but consumers have a different opinion since ads use more bandwidth thus significantly increasing data charges and slowing down internet speeds. Pop up ads on apps are generally one of the biggest reasons app users give bad app reviews ,they are always irritating and this in turn has created a flood rush of people looking for ways to effectively block or reduce the number of ads showing on their apps. On average 198 million per people per month use ad blocking apps this translates to 6% of the global internet community and the number continues to grow each passing month. Should consumers have the right to block ads on apps? This is a constant battle between app publishers and app consumers that will continue for quite some time since it is hard to determine the rights of the consumer after purchase has been completed. One of the biggest smartphone developers, Apple introduced a new operating system on their new iPhone 6 which allows users to install ad blocking software that blocks ads appearing on mobile web browsers. The small improvement has proved to be a game changer for most ad developers. Apple controls a very significant share in the smartphone industry with the new IPhone 6 hitting major sales worldwide. Since the iOS 9’s release ad blocking apps have become one of the best selling apps on the app store.


Gaming apps are some of the most frequently used apps today. There are two distinct types of ads displayed on gaming apps; interstitial or full screen ads that cover the whole screen and reward videos which prompt consumers to watch and get earn rewards. Ad blockers are ineffective on reward videos as they are part of the app’s core design, interstitial ads however can be blocked by almost ad blockers, they offer no value to the game and hence most game app users opt to block them.

Best Ad blocker apps on Android

Ad blocker apps are designed to block ads on the user’s web browsers or from smart phone. They are easy to install and use but as they reduce the revenue for app publishers they face heavy criticism from app publishers, ad makers and digital advertising companies. Google has opted to remove some of these apps from their android play store. Anyone interested in using the apps would have to side load them to their device as part of non-market apps. Here are some of the Top ads blocking apps for android that suit most consumer needs.

1. Adblock Plus

This app uses ad-blockers to block all apps in a device this includes adds in various games and other apps. It can block all tracking, malware domain, banners, pop ups and video ads on all sites and it is free. Adblock plus is an open source project app that allows the user to choose to allow non-intrusive ads. The app performs for both rooted and non-rooted android devices. This app comes with an additional browser extension that blocks ads on webpages such as chrome, Mozilla and opera. It has been downloaded over 4 million times to block ads specifically targeted for Opera. By preventing ad from being loaded into the user’s browsers it significantly saves bandwidth hence increasing the user’s internet speed. It rates highly among ad blockers and some may even go as far as to say it is the best ad block app there is.


2. NoRoot Ad-remover Lite

This is an ad removing app found in Google’s Play store which as the name implies the app requires no root on the android device. By installing the app, you can be sure not to see any ad pop up on the user’s display. The app has two versions, the first version which blocks ads from two sites and is available for free and the NoRoot Ad-Remover Pro which completely blocks all ads from the user’s smartphone and it is available on Google Play for $ 3.99. It generally ranks as one of the best ad blocking app available due to its quick installation but most users opt for the free version to block their browsers from ads.


3. Ad-Vanish Pro

This app is able to block ads from offline apps without requiring root on the android device. It also has a lite version available for users who want to test its effectiveness. It is almost similar to the NoRoot Ad-Remover in that it has two versions, a free version and one that can be purchased on Google Play.


4. TrustGo Ad Detector

This app is capable of detecting any protecting your device from privacy violations and most of all identity leaks that may occur through ads that may be displayed through an android app. It also typically blocks ads within apps and games. It is in most ways different to other ad blocker apps as it majors on protecting the user’s private information and is suitable for people who want to block ads as well as keep their personal information secure it is one of the most commonly used ad blocking apps second only to the Adblock plus.


5. App Brain Ad Detector

This app in addition to blocking ads detects and blocks apps that send unwanted push Notifications and those that could leak a user’s personal information. It also allows the user to select which apps to allow access to personal information within the device and also remove such apps. This particular ad blocker looks for 70 different dimensions in which apps send, receive and operate data. It has an easy to use interface that does not contain useless information.


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