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Top 8 Brain Buster Game Apps for Android/iOS Devices

2015-11-19 17:24:13/Posted by Alleny Gavinto Android Backup Topic/Follow @ MobiKin

Since Android and Apple are the two most popular smart phone brands and occupy most of the global market, this article will focus on the two types of mobile phones. One of the reasons that people can not live without smart phones is that the various apps and diverse games in the smart phone that enable to kill time happily. What's more, playing game can also release the pressure and make yourself like a soldier or anther man when you regard yourself as the member of the game world.

Don't you think the normal games are boring and uninteresting? Want to play some games that are different from the common games? Here we collect some funny and challenging games that may let you be addicted into them. You need to use your intelligence, imagination and creativeness to solve the problem in the game. If you want to pass all the game level, you have to concern on it.

1. Monument Valley

Monument Valley (Android Version/iOS Version) is an amazing game that you will be regrat if you do not play it. The beautiful and dreamlike interfaces and pleasent background music make it a wonderful game when you firstly see it. And in the game, you need to lead a little princess get through a series of strange and creative buildings with the twisting stairways and doorways that are negating gravity and physics. You are also required to alter the perspective on the screen to find the correct way. Use your creativeness to find the hidden way and enjoy the fantastic world.


2. Blockwick 2

Blockwick 2 (Android Version/iOS Version) is a game cute interface. Like a traffic jam game, you need to arrange the blocks with different color to connect the wanted block in a limited space. The way you pass the level may be a little like Sokoban.


3. Lumosity

Lumosity (Android Version/iOS Version) is a brain-traning game that focus on the practice of memory and attention To get through the level, you need to finish various tasks. By the way, it is free!


4. Squarge

Squarge (Android Version) is very like the Blockwick. It also requires player to rearrange the blocks with defferent colors and make them into lines and rows. The player should finish the process in a limited time. So you will be exciting and nervous when playing the game.


5. 2048

2048 (Android Version/iOS Version) is also a addictive game, too. It is very popular around the world when the game was released. The game rules are simple. Just move the box to make two box with same number combined. And the number will be added to each other, for example 4 plus 4 equal to 8 and finally a little box with a number 8 will appear. If you want to win, just get the lagest number:2048 which is also the name. By the way, it is free!


6. Dots

Dots (Android Version/iOS Version) is also a funny game with simple rules that are connecting the dots as many as you can. There 3 modes avaible: timed, endless and limited move. It is free.


7. Flow Free

Flow Free (Android Version/iOS Version) is a game related to dots and pipes. You need to connect the dots with same color and letter with the pipes. And you connected all the dots, the pipes and dots must occupy every box of the board.


8. Can You Escape

Can You Escape (Android Version/iOS Version) is a interesting escape game. You need to escape from the room by solving different puzzles or find some tools. By the way, it is free.


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