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Recommended Cloud Apps for Android

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In today’s world, Android has become a most popular Operating System for users. A number of people use mobile devices which are running on Android OS. Google Play Store has lots of cloud applications for Android users which are free to download and easy to use. Among all the apps, the top cloud apps for Android are explained below.

1 Amazon Cloud Drive

The service of Amazon Cloud Drive basically comes in two flavors, i.e., Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Everything. With Amazon Cloud Drive application, you can easily access your files anytime through online.


The main features of these two flavors of Amazon Cloud Drive application are:

- Unlimited Photos:

It can be accessed with Amazon Prime for free. You can also pick it up as a standalone product for US$11.99 / year. You can upload unlimited photos with this app. You will also get an additional 5GB of free-storage for videos and some other files. This service is separate from the free Google Drive service and Google Photos service.

- Unlimited Everything:

This offer of Amazon is very much interesting. You can store unlimited anything that you want for US$60 per year. This service undercuts Dropbox, Google Drive and mostly all the subscription services which are unlimited yearly. This option is really a stunning offer because it is supportive, backup automatically, secures, and is accessible on all your devices.

2 Box

Box is popular cloud app which is free from the Google-Play Store. This application is very simple as well as an effective solution for cloud storage.


The main features of Box application are:

- Box offers 10 GB free space with an upload limit of 250 MB. You can further pay US$10 per year for 25 GB cloud storage.

- It is simple to upload, download and share files. And it is also very easy to use the software.

- It is also possible to edit as well as comment on files which are in the cloud.

- This application also has a widget which notifies you about any changes to shared documents.

3 Dropbox

Dropbox is the first cloud storage solution. Dropbox has a small storage capacity, i.e., 2 GB but the storage capacity will increase to 1 TB when you upgrade for $9.99/month.


The main features of Dropbox are:

- Dropbox is intuitive, fast, and free.

- It has automatic backup features which are perfect for those people who want to take quick snaps and also view them on their desktop PC in a flash.

- It is very much easy to use.

4 Copy

Copy is a lesser-known site of cloud storage which can automatically backup your photos to the cloud and then streams them to your Chromecast. Users of Copy app get 15GB free cloud storage after signing up but you can also upgrade to 250GB for $4.99/month or 1TB for $9.99/month as per your needs require.


The main features of Copy are:

- Copy is simple to use.

- It includes PhotoCopy, which lets you upload any photo that you take automatically into the cloud, and folder-sharing.

- It also has Chromecast support which means you can stream music, videos, and photos from your device straight onto your TV by simply tapping the Chromecast icon in Copy.

5 Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft-Onedrive is a free online storage solution and is a popular option for Microsoft Office users. It is ready for use with the Microsoft products such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.


The main features of Microsoft OneDrive are:

- Automatic video and photo backup.

- Simple sharing and collaboration features.

- OneDrive also integrates with Android Wear so that you can view your pictures on the face of your smartwatch.

- It is free, simple, and easy to use.

6 Google Drive

Google Drive is the most popular as well as well-known cloud storage app. It offers 15 GB free storage.

google drive

The main features of Google Drive are:

- Google Drive shows a history of your changes in documents.

- It gives you the option to allow others to view and edit your work.

- It also offers support for many different file types.

- It requires very little time or management.

- Google Drive also integrates with Google Photos which helps to provide you with unlimited free photo storage, as long as they come within a file size limitation.

7 Cubby

Cubby is a lesser-known application that gives users a place to store important documents, movies, and pictures. Cubby users will get minimum of 5GB of free-storage anytime, but the personal-accounts can get anywhere from 100GB - 2.5TB extra for - between $3.99 and $99.75/month. Enterprise Cubby users can get 5 users on 1TB for $39.99 up to 1000 - users sharing of 200TB storage-with plenty of options in between them.


The main features of Cubby are:

- Free and easy to use.

- There are numerous variety of paid - options. It ranges from 100 GB - 200TB (Enterprise only)

- Make and manage cubby folders for staying up-to-date on all of your devices.

- Easily access important documents while on the go and also share cubby folders with your friends.

8 MediaFire

MediaFire becomes a very much pretty and also a decent cloud-storage service which supplies 12 GB of storage to users for free, but you can also earn up to 50 GB.


The main features of MediaFire are:

- It offers up to 50 GB of free space, which is perfect for both saving and sharing music as well as videos.

- Free MediaFire users get 10GB but the user can upgrade to 1TB for $4.99 ($3.79/month if the pay is anual), and the going rate for businesses is $49.99/month.

- MediaFire has all the basic functions to download images and download as well as share archives, which includes those from your camera and helps to save your time.

- All these above points are the recommended cloud apps for Android, which are more user-friendly and easy to use. These cloud apps offer lots of ways to improve your business. Get benefits of these cloud apps!

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