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How to Get More Free Dropbox Space?

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Due to its high compatibility, Dropbox becomes one of the popular cloud storage servers at present- this server is available on all major mobile platforms and integrated into both PC and Mac. But compared with other devices or cloud storage servers, Dropbox has an obvious shortage- its free storage space is very small. It only gives users 2GB free space while Apple gives 5GB of iCloud storage, Microsoft gives 7GB and Google gives 21GB. Hence, most of users wish to get more free Dropbox space and luckily, this is not a difficult task to complete. If you are interested in it, you can read on to get the simple means to increase your Dropbox space.

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9 Ways to Get More Free Space on Dropbox

There are many methods you can use to get more free Dropbox space. For example:

Method 1. Clean up your Dropbox

To get more space in a cloud storage server, the easiest and effective way is to free up the server. You can simply delete the files that you do not need or like in Dropbox to free up the server as well as the device. After that, you can add some new files to Dropbox without any hassle. But if you find that all the files saved in Dropbox are important and do not want to remove them, you can try other means below.

Method 2. Complete the "Get Started" tour

If you are a new register of Dropbox, you will need to go through the "Get Started" tour. It will provide you seven quests which teach you how to set up Dropbox on your computer or mobile phone. Here you only need to complete five tasks in the "Get Started" tour and then you can get a 250 MB space as a reward from Dropbox. It is such an easy way to get the free space so why don't you have a try at first?

Method 3. Refer friends to Dropbox

Another feasible way to get the space is to refer your friends to Dropbox. You just need to share a unique link with your families, friends or colleagues. If they click on the link and sign up or install the server on their computers or mobile phones, you will be able to get 500MB of bonus space for each. But the maximum is 16GB and if you reach the maximum, namely inviting 32 friends to use Dropbox, you will not be able to get free space in this way anymore.

refer friends to dropbox

Method 4. Connect Dropbox with your social accounts

You can also choose to connect your social accounts to Dropbox, including Facebook, Twitter and so on. By using this means, you not only can collaborate the contacts in these social media sites, but also able to get 125MB free space for each account. In addition, you can also get 125MB space by following Dropbox on Twitter. You are strongly suggested to try this method.

connect dropbox with social account

Method 5. Give feedback on why you love Dropbox

In order to attract more customers, most manufacturers select to show up some feedbacks of their products or service and Dropbox is the same. And for the users who give feedback on why they love Dropbox, they will add a bonus space of 125MC to the Dropbox accounts of these users. Therefore, if you think highly of this server, you can tell Dropbox why you like it. Only several words can help you to get more free space.

give feedback

Method 6. Manage emails with Mailbox

Installing the Mailbox is also a good way here. You can simply download and install the Mailbox App on your Android phone or iPhone. Then just sign in it with your Dropbox account. After that, a storage space of 1GB will be automatically added to your account. And this is not the only benefit- you can view the new emails on your mobile phone as soon as you receive it and manage the emails on your phone easily as well.

install mailbox

Method 7. Use Carousel to upload photos

Carousel is an application designed by Dropbox which can help users to automatically upload and categorize every image from the mobile phone to Dropbox account. It could be a good helper in photos management. But what's more important, you will get an extra 3GB space in your account as soon as you install it on your Android or iOS device.

install carousel

Method 8. Join Dropbox Space Race

Dropbox would launch Dropquest and Space Race for universities. You can keep an eye on the Dropbox blog and participate in the races to win the storage space.

join dropbox space race

Method 9. Upgrade to Dropbox Pro or Dropbox Business

If you have used all the methods that we have mentioned above but the free Dropbox space is still not enough, you can try to upgrade your account to Dropbox Pro or Dropbox Business and pay for more cloud storage space. This would be your last option.

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