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How to Save Phone Data from Losing?

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Phone data loss is a serious problem that disturbs almost all the mobile phone users. This disaster would make users lose the files they like or they need which would cause inconvenience. So, to avoid this kind of issue, users are necessary to know the reasons of data loss and get the way to save phone data from losing. And this article can be a helpful guidance.

Common Reasons for Data Loss

Talking about phone data loss, it is an issue that caused by many different kinds of reasons. But normally, this problem would appear mainly due to:

- Wrong deletion: Accidental deletion is the most common situation since users often need to manage their phone data to ensure the smooth running of the device. But during the process, people would select their wanted files incautiously and tap on the "Delete" button too quickly which could lead to a data loss.

- Physical damage: It is inevitable that you drop your phone to ground or even water suddenly. This would not result in any problem when the physical damage is not so serious. However, when the device is damaged badly, it may be unable to be turned on and all the data saved in it might also be disappeared.

- Malware or virus attack: As the number of applications grows up, mobile phones are at high risk of malware and virus damage. The malware and virus would not only delete the data on your device but also reveal your or your contacts' information. It could be a severe problem.

- Loss or theft: Sometimes, it would be unfortunate that your mobile phone is stolen or left somewhere. In this case, it will be hard for you to get back the phone as well as the phone data.

Tips to Save Phone Data from Losing

From above, you can see that data loss is unforeseen so you'd better do something before losing them. Here are several tips for your reference.

1. Backup your files

Backing up desired files is the most important and essential thing that you need to do. Once you have the copy of the phone data, you can view and manage them on your phone or computer as you like. With the backup, getting back the wanted files is just a piece of cake. Thus, it is necessary for you to develop a habit of backing up phone data regularly. In this case, you may want to know:

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save phone data from losing

2. Encrypt your data

If you want to keep your phone away from malware and virus attacks, you should pay more attention to phone data encryption. This can lower the risks of losing data. And meanwhile, it can ensure the safety of the device.

For iPhone users, you needn't to do anything since the encrypting process is done automatically on iPhone. But for Android users, you need to visit the security settings and follow the prompts to complete the encryption.

how to save phone data from losing

3. Use a screen lock

In case that somebody views the information on your device without your consent or children delete some phone data unconsciously, you are advised to set a screen lock. After using a screen lock, no one can access your phone without the passcode. So it would be useful way to protect the phone data.

To get a screen lock, you have at least 3 options- PIN numbers, Pattern, Touch ID or even Face ID. You can achieve your goal in the Settings section by following the instructions.

protect phone data

4. Track your phone

Adding a tracker will help to prevent your phone from being lost. That's because it can help you to pinpoint the exact location of the phone at any given time. Except for tracking the phone when it is lost, it can also tell you who have the phone. The tracker would have a large role in finding back the phone, especially when the device is stolen.

5. Configure applications

After getting your phone, thieves would access your Dropbox or social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. to post or send fraud messages to your contacts. This could be a big trouble so you need to take actions. In order to prevent this, you can require a 2-step authentication process for every account you have.

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