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Instagram Tips & Tricks That You Can't Miss

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What do you often do with your Instagram? Only use it to upload or download photos? That's really a waste. Although Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, you can get more fun from it actually. But how to achieve this goal? This article can help you- 10 useful Instagram tips will be introduced in it, which can help you to better use the application. Now just read on to get the tricks!

10 Tips & Tricks for Instagram

In this part, 10 useful tips and tricks for Instagram will be introduced. Now let's learn them together!

Tip 1. Edit Photos via Instagram without Posting

Except for sharing photos, you can also use Instagram as a photo editor. In other words, you can edit photos on Instagram without posting them. But how to do that? The details are as below:

Step 1. At first, you need to launch the Instagram on your phone and go to the Settings section. In this section, you should check whether the feature Save Original Photos is enabled. If not, you need to turn it on or the photos that you have edited or filtered with Instagram won't be saved.

Step 2. Turn on Airplane Mode on your mobile phone- just swipe down the screen to enter the notification bar and then tap on the icon of Airplane Mode to enable it.

Step 3. Now you need to go to your Instagram account and select a picture from your device. Next, you can add a filter and adjust the brightness and more. After editing the picture, you can click on Next and tap on Share. Then it will show that you have failed to post the picture but you can find the edited image in your Photos App.

edit photos via instagram

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Tip 2. Send Images to Other Instagram Users

Sometimes you may want to send photos to other Instagram users privately so that they can view the pictures directly. This is also feasible. Instagram allows you to send new photos as well as posted pictures to other users.

To send new photos: You can edit the picture first and then tap on Direct on the top right rather than click the Share button. Next, you can elect the people that you want to send images to and hit on Send button. After that, the chosen user will receive the picture privately.

send pictures to certain user

To send posted photos: Go to your profile to find out the pictures that you want to send. Then just tap on the image and you will get the Send button under the picture. Just click the button and elect the people you want to send the picture to.

Tip 3. View Pictures Selectively

If you have followed too many users on your Instagram, you will receive lots of pictures once you launch the application and it would be difficult for you to view the photos you like. So in this case, you may want to view the pictures selectively but how to achieve this goal? The answers are listed below:

If you only want to view the post you've liked, you can enter your profile and open the Option page in it. On this page, you can select the option Posts You've Liked where all the posts you've liked are stored. Then you may view the liked pictures only or the original posts.

view posts you have liked

If you like to view the posts that are liked by people you are following, you need to tap on the heart icon. And from the Following section, you will see the recent activities of the people you are following, such as the posts he/she has liked or commented on.

Tip 4. Remove Your Tagged Photos

What is a tagged photo? It is a picture that you can see on the Photos of You section of your profile when someone tags you in a photos or video. This would be a helpful feature since you can know who have mentioned you. But some of you might not like to see these photos. It is ok! You can remove these tagged photos if you don't like them. To complete that, you have 2 methods:

Method 1. Hide the tagged photos from your profile

You need to click on the "..." icon on the top right of the screen when you look through your tagged photos. Next, you need to select Photo Options from the listed menu and click on the option Hide from Profile to hide the pictures.

hide the tagged photos from profile

Method 2. Add photos into your profile manually

Go to Photos of You section in your profile and tap on "..." icon to display the menu. Next, select the Tagging Options and choose Add manually from the options. After that, the tagged photos will show in your profile only when they are added manually.

add tagged images manually

Tip 5. Ignore Messages from Certain User

Do you have such a friend: he/she like to share every moment of their lives- what they eat and what they see. But for the receivers, this would be boresome sometimes. So you may not want to receive these messages but you can't block them for some reasons. Then what can you do in this case? You can select to ignore them actually.

When you want to ignore Direct posts from a certain person, you can go to the tray icon at the top right of your home page and then tap on the horizontal three-dots button or vertical three-dots button. Next, you can tap on Ingnore all posts from this user to get rid of the nettlesome messages.

Tip 6. Add Hashtag after Posting

It is very common that some users post a photo without putting in any hashtag in the caption. But it doesn't matter. You can add hashtag even after posting the picture- you are able to add them in the comments. After adding the hashtag in comments, other users are still able to find your photo when they search the hashtag you used. In addition, it can also eliminate the dreaded hashtag paragraph when you share the same photo onto your other social media accounts. So you can have a try.

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Tip 7. Hide the Filter You Rarely Use

As we all know, Instagram provides many different filters to us but in fact, most of us would only use one or several filters frequently. So for those filters that we rarely use or don't like, it would be better to hide them. You can slide to the end of the filter options while adding a filter and choose Manage option where you can check or uncheck the filters. Now, what you need to do is just to uncheck the filters that you don't like and then they will not appear on the filter options.

hide instagram filters

Tip 8. Keep in Touch with New Feed from Favorite Posters

You have followed a person and want to be the first one to like or comment his/her newest post? It is easy! A tip can help you to get notification once the person you like posts new photos.

To accomplish that, you should click the "..." icon on the right of the poster's name. Then a window will pop up. In this window, you can select the option Turn on Post Notifications. After that, you will be informed whenever he/she has a new post.

But here, you need to go to Settings> Notifications> Instagram on your device to turn on the feature Allow Notifications or you may fail to receive the notifications from Instagram.

allow notification from instagram

Tip 9. Turn on/off Sound for Video

Want to turn on or off the sound of Instagram videos without using your phone's general volume settings? This trick can help you.

To turn off the sound of Instagram videos, you can tap on the button on your bottom far right to enter your profile. Then tap on the gear icon or the three dots vertical button at the top right corner. Next, you can go to the Sound setting and choose Off or On for videos as you like. After that, the sound of videos will keep on or off while watching. And if you want to listen to individual videos when the sound is off, you can simply tap on the sound button at the top right of the video.

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Tip 10. Save Data While Using Instagram

You must know that Instagram is a photo sharing platform and it will cost a lot of phone data when you don't have a Wi-fi connection. That means you need to pay a huge data costs when you frequently use Instagram with cellular data. Then is it possible to avoid this situation? Luckily, Instagram comes with an option to decrease the amount of data it uses: go to the Instagram settings and tap on Cellular Data Use. Then you should toggle the switch that says Use Less Data to On.

save data

Done! From now on, Instagram will cut down the amount of data it uses. But relatively, the loading speed of images and videos on Instagram will slow down after enabling the feature.

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