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What You Should Know About LG G5?

2016-03-11 14:15:21/Posted by Alleny Gavinto Android Backup Topic/Follow @ MobiKin

Last year, the last smart phone LG G4 helped LG back to the smart phone market. As we know, Samsung always takes the biggest share of Android phone market. And the LG G4 was the powerful competitor to Samsung Galaxy S6 which was released in 2015, too. And now the similar situations may happen again. Both of the flagship smart phones - LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 are released this year. They surely will be competitors.

LG G4 was welcomed by many people last year because of the removable battery, camera with high pixel and QHD display. So many people expect to see that LG G5 will cover up these features. And we also have been hearing various rumors about the upcoming LG G5 for months. Now let's see the detailed introduction of LG G5 to see whether the new phone has your expected features.


1. 4K Display

This may be the first 4K smart phone with ultra HD display that LG has ever released. There are many rumors about the size of LG G5 and it is expected to be 5.6” that was confirmed by the recent phone covers. By the way, the always-on display allows you to see the time, notifications, date anytime without waking the phone.


2. Camera

CAM Plus is plugged in the camera so that the users can take pictures with a more comfortable way and an additional battery. Besides, the wide angle lens enables the users to take the bigger pictures. This feature can free you from the boundaries and let you capture more. What's more, you are able to capture photos with 360 degrees.


3. Processor, memory & storage

The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with 4GB RAM. This 64-bit processor will perform much better than that of snapdragon 810.LG will continue to offer us a micro SD card slot as an option this time. The storage of the device will be 64GB but it can be expanded to 200GB via micro SD slot at most.And with the Marshmallow's support, you can format cards to serve as local storage.


4. Battery

The battery in the new smart phone is removable, which is unlike the battery in Samsung Galaxy S7. The G5 allows you to pop out the battery from the bottom of the phone with a small button. By the way, the processor with high quality in the LG G5 can save the battery power by 30%.


5. Body Design

The LG G4 was criticized by many people because of the plastic body. But it also attracted many users due to the removable battery. Now the new flagship LG G5 has both of the sleeky metallic unibody and the removable battery! Amazing! Right? Not only that, the slid-in battery design is creative. In order to get along with the design, the volume and power button are also relocated.


Other Products:

1. LG 360 VR: The portable VR allows you to enjoy the interactive and immersive experience of 360 degree virtual reality.


2. LG Tone Platinum Headset: The innovative wireless stereo headset can offer you the excellent audio performance.


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