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How to Solve SIM Card Not Inserted on Android Problem?

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In order to use a phone favourably, users always need to insert a SIM card to the device or they will not be able to send/receive messages, make calls, etc. But even though you have inserted a SIM card into your phone, you might meet some problems as well- the device prompts that the card is not inserted on the phone. Then, how can you solve SIM card not inserted on Android problem in this case?

Why SIM Card Fails to Be Detected on Android?

You may wonder why the Android phone cannot detect the SIM card even though you have inserted it into the card slot. Actually, this situation would be caused by several reasons like:

- SIM card is loose in the slot. The bad contact often leads to the detection failure.

- The card is placed improperly.

- A software update would cause the error as well.

- The card might be wet or used for a long time so it gets oxidized.

- You may drop the phone on the ground or damage the card by accident which would make the SIM card undetectable.

5 Methods to Fix SIM Card Not Inserted on Android Issue

In fact, the problem that SIM card not inserted on Android phone is very common in our phone usages so people have figured out several methods to fix the error. These solutions are all some usual tips which are often used to settle some Android phone problems. Thus, you are strongly suggested to learn them so you can use them to fix different phone issues according to your need.

Method 1. Inspect the SIM card

First of all, you need to be sure that the SIM card you are using is available and usable. This can be tested simply: take out the SIM card from your phone and then insert it to another phone to see whether it works normally. If it runs well, that means the card is no problem so you can attempt to adjust the location of the card now. Just plug it into the card slot properly and then restart the phone to check whether it can be detected.

test out sim card

Method 2. Reboot the device for several times

The next means you can try to settle the issue is to restart the device. It can be used to fix many mobile phone errors since it can stop the background applications and refresh the data and settings on the device at the same time. So once an error happens on your phone, you can hold down the Power button and then select Restart to reboot the device. If it cannot work at the first time, you can try a few times.

reboot android phone

Method 3. Disable Airplane mode

If the SIM connection problem is caused by network connection or software running on the background, you can try to disable the Airplane mode on the device. That's because all the connections on Android will be shut down when this mode is on. Thus, to ensure the smooth running of the device, you need to:

- Swipe down the screen to enter the Notification bar.

- Next, find out the Airplane option and tap on the icon to turn on the feature.

- Wait a second and then click on it to turn it off.

Method 4. Change network mode to auto

The network mode would affect the SIM as well- the phone will be unable to recognize SIM card when the network mode is set to an incorrect type. So you need to change the mode to the right one. To accomplish that, you can:

- Enter Settings on Android and then select Connections option.

- Now you need to tap on Mobile network and choose Network mode.

switch network mode to auto

- In this section, you can elect 4G/3G/2G (auto connect).

Method 5. Factory reset the Android

When all the means above fail, your last option is to factory reset the device. This is a mighty way to fix Android phone problems but it has a fatal drawback- it will erase all the data and settings on your phone. Thus, if you decide to use this way, you'd better backup the files on your Android phone in advance. Then you can perform the reset without any future worry.

- Navigate to Settings> Backup & Reset.

- Then choose Factory data reset under the Reset section and tap on Reset Phone to confirm and begin the resetting process.

android factory reset

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