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How Can I Enjoy Apple Watch Music?

2015-12-21 13:41:37/Posted by Alleny Gavinto Apple Watch Topic/Follow @ MobiKin

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How to Listen to Apple Watch Music Online?  
How to Listen to Apple Watch Music Offline?
How to Sync Music from iPhone to Apple Watch? 
How Listen to the Local Music on Apple Watch?

How to Listen to Apple Watch Music Online?

Apple music is the music streaming service and gives music lover a wonderful method to find and enjoy millions of music and songs. The service is paid but can be free for the first 90 days and offers users amazing experience. What's more, the Apple Watch enables you to listen to music in a more convenient method. For example, you are able to enjoy the Apple Watch music when you are running, walking or doing other works. Besides, the device can offer you the brilliant functions. You can store at most 2 GB of music on the device and on the other hand it can even play the Apple Music playlists. The detailed steps to listen to the Apple Watch music online.


Step 1. The songs you want to listen to with the Apple Watch should be available for local listening on iPhone. Otherwise, the music cannot be played on the Apple Watch.

Step 2. The start the music app on your iPhone.

Step 3. Head to the playlists you wish to download or listen to on your Apple watch.

Step 4. Use your Bluetooth or headphones to pair the iPhone with Apple Watch.

Step 5. Finally you can listen to the music onling with your Apple Watch.


How to Listen to Apple Watch Music Offline?

Apple Watch is the most talked products when it is released by Apple. With multiple powerful functions, Apple Watch can enable you to receive messages, pick calls and also show your heart rate and so on. What's more, it can enables you enjoy a lot of Apple music whatever you are doing. Just as what I mentioned above, the device offers you up to 2 GB space so that you can download many songs on it and listen to them offline. You can follow the steps below to enjoy the offline Apple Watch music.

Step 1. Start the music app on your iPhone or other iOS devices that you want to transfer.

Step 2. Head to the playlists and select the options that you want to download on the Apple Watch.

Step 3. Tap on the More button on the right side of the Music and then click on the Make Available Offline.

Step 4. Finally all the songs on the playlists will be downloaded automatically and immediately on your device. You can preview the whole downloading process by clicking on the download bar. You will find the downloaded songs on the local playlists after they are downloaded completely.


How to Sync Music from iPhone to Apple Watch?

Now you can listen to the offline music that you are download and then you can also enjoy the music on your iPhone with the Apple Watch if you follow the steps below to sync the music from iPhone to Apple Watch. By the way, the process is simple and you can quickly transfer the music from iPhone to the Apple Watch.

Step 1. Start the Apple watch app on your iPhone or other iOS device that you need to transfer music from.

Step 2. Find the Music option and click on it.

Step 3. Then you need to hit the Synced Playlists after you tapped on the Music.

Step 4. Next, tap on the Playlists that you want to transfer to your Apple watch.

Step 5. Finally connect your Apple Watch to the charger and begin the syncing process. You are able to listen to music on your Apple Watch after the playlists is transferring to the device.


How Listen to the Local Music on Apple Watch?

It is known to all that Apple Watch cannot only enable you to watch time and date but also allow you to receive notifications and enjoy the music. Because of the small size that enables you to bring the device easily, you can listen to music anywhere and anytime. Since you learn from the guide to listen to the online or offline music and the songs that transferred from other iOS devices. Now this tutorial will tell you how to listen to local music on your Apple Watch.

First of all, launch the music app on Apple Watch.

Then, press on the screen and the various options will appear.

Next, click on the source and then select the Apple watch option.

After that, pair Apple Watch to a Bluetooth headset.

Finally, you can enjoy the music by selecting the songs you want to play on your device.

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