Facebook Messenger App is not Working? Let’s Fix It!

Facebook is undoubtedly a leading social media platform that is currently being used by billions of people across the world. Apart from the official Facebook application, the online platform’s developers went a step further to design the Facebook Messenger program. Facebook Messenger is a relatively new application that allows all Facebook users to send and receive messages, videos, and images at absolutely no cost.

This convenient messaging service is constantly updated and offers various powerful features that are aimed to make online chatting even more fun. It is, however, important to note that the Facebook Messenger application also has its own flaws. That is why this article will provide you with the common Facebook Messenger Issues and their specific solutions. » Read more

Tips about “Trust” or “Don’t Trust” a Computer on iPhone

Trusted computers are devices with the ability to connect and sync with any iOS device. Apart from connecting with these iDevices, such computers also have the ability to access the gadget’s personal files and create backups of the iPhone, iPad or iPod. You will always be provided with the alert dialog “Trust This Computer?” whenever you connect your iOS device to a new Windows or Mac device.

It is also possible for you to be provided with this dialogue once you reset your iOS device or choose to update the iTunes program even on an already trusted computer. Untrusted computers, on the other hand, do not have the ability to access any information on the connected iDevice but can still be used to charge it. » Read more

Why Use An iPhone Data Recovery for Data Recovery than iTunes or iCloud?

Having deleted your image and other important data from your iPhone, you would think that it can’t be recovered anymore. But you are wrong, by using automatic iPhone image recovery software, you can recover all your important contacts, notes, messages, images and videos from iPhone whether it is in good condition or in damaged condition. Some unexpected situation may arise with anyone in which people could lose their data stored in their phone. Actually, it can be caused by water damage, phone damage, accidental deletion, infection or anything else. And if the phone is one of the iOS devices like iPhone 5C then amount of such data loss is unimaginable. iPhone is heavily loaded phone with numerous contacts, messages, notes, call history, bookmarks, whatsapp history, images, music, videos and many more. Fortunately there are some tools which can get these data back after deletion. » Read more

How to Quickly Enable and Disable iCloud on iOS, Mac and Windows?

iCloud is a sophisticated Apple-based cloud storage service that allows you to store and sync all types of personal information, including images, documents, music, contacts, mail and calendars across multiple Apple gadgets. You can easily use the created iCloud backup to recover data on your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone whenever disaster strikes. This comprehensive guide is going to educate you on how you can quickly, yet easily enable and disable iCloud on Mac, iOS, and Windows. » Read more

Top 11 Tips for Taking Awesome Selfie with iPhone

Nowadays it is increasingly common to find people taking selfies, especially on their iPhones. However, with time, you will eventually realize that it is not that easy to take a perfect selfie that will be liked by all, especially if you are unaware of various factors. This does not need to be the case as you are going to discover in this comprehensive article on the top 11 proven tips for taking awesome selfie with your iPhone. After reading this article and implementing the life-saving tips provided, you will be finally able to show off your impressive selfie photography skills with ease. Kindly note that the tips provided are only the most essential ones that every selfie lover should know. » Read more

Important Announcements that were Made During Apple’s WWDC 2016

On the 13th day of June (Monday) 2016, Apple officially commenced its “Weeklong Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)”. This conference, which was held at the “Bill Graham Civic Auditorium” in San Francisco, attracted over 6,000 attendees from various parts of the world. During this day, Apple announced various new upgrades to its multiple operating systems. These essential upgrades for Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, iPhone, and iPad are expected to be freely available to smartphone users this fall. Below are some of the key announcements that were made during the weeklong conference. » Read more

Best Android Password Manager

There are so many apps on the play store for Android lovers. In fact, it can be a big task for you to select the best application for your beloved Android phone or tablet. Nevertheless, some of the most popular apps that have thoroughly researched include Google hangouts, Google voice, Facebook, and Viber. In addition, Avast Mobile Security, Dashlane Android App and Folder Lock, among others are the best Android password apps that you may wish to know. » Read more

iTunes Library Manager

itunes-iconThanks to a software such as iTunes, it is now easy to acquire, collect and listen to songs. But in the same way that CDs and vinyl records tend to become cluttered, digital music files can also become disarrayed on your hard drive if they are not managed well. Of course, you can always manually arrange and manage your mp3 files. Nevertheless, who gets the luxury of time to actually do that? And if you have tens of thousands of songs in your hard drive, then manually arranging these songs can easily take you the whole day or even more. But now, you really do not need to manage your music files manually because you can always get an iTunes library manager. If you think you don’t need this kind of software then maybe you should read this entire article first before you decide for yourself. » Read more

Tips You Should Know for Multiple iTunes Library

There are numerous areas in which you can create an iTunes library. The library’s location depends on the user’s convenience in accessing it. Creating multiple iTunes library helps in avoiding the loss of the very rare media from your library. However, Apple allows for connection of devices to just one library at a time. This limits you from making multiple libraries to other computers.

Fortunately, you can easily connect multiple devices using third-party applications on the market. This kind of app requires you to transfer data from your iPod, iPad, iPhone into your iTunes. Then it will analyze and clean up your library with just a single click. With such apps, you’ll be able to connect to multiple devices and toggle them whenever you like. Below are some 8 handy tips you should know for multiple iTunes library: » Read more

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