How to Undelete Photos from Android Phone & Tablets

Have you lost some really important images from your Android device? You do not need worry because here you will find the solution to your needs. You can snow stop stressing and get right to work to recover those precious photos of yours. But how to make it possible? The truth is that android phones do not clear the actual data when the delete button is pressed. There is a file table in the OS whose function is to store the physical locations of all files in the storage. When a photo is deleted, only that particular entry is deleted but not its physical occurrence. By manipulating the file table therefore, all these files can be recovered by joining all data about a particular file. This can be done manually but that would be quite tiresome, for this sole purpose, there are several software that has been developed. Here is a step by step guide on how to go through the entire process of undeleting photos on android phones and tablets. » Read more

How to Make A Personalized Slideshow for the Mother’s Day?

Mother’s love is an incredible plethora of eternity. She is the one who sacrifices everything just for the sake of her child’s smile, and most importantly she never expects anything in return. Right from bearing the pain of childbirth, to struggle hard to fulfill the needs of her children, and shaping them up for a healthy and happy future life, a mother’s contribution is unmatched! So, with mother’s day round the corner, it’s our responsibility to show gratitude, love and care and make her feel special for all that she does for us.

Mothers will love and cherish any gift that we present to her. A small token of appreciation and care from her children is all what she craves for. But, this mother’s day let’s surprise our mothers and show them what we can do for her! How about making a personalized slideshow? Mothers will surely adore it, right? It will be a surprise which she will treasure for her lifetime. » Read more

Mother’s Day Messages You Should Know

Mother’s day is an annual event celebrated worldwide to recognize and appreciate the efforts and contributions of mothers in the society. All the human population in the world owes their existence to their mothers who went through all odds and life difficulties to shape and nature them to the individuals they are today. Thus, it is important to make mothers feel appreciated by showing them the love you have through different ways, such as pick up a special gift, or send a memorable yet warm mother’s day messages and so on. » Read more

Music Apps for iOS You Might Not Know

There is a lot of music apps available today, boasting everything from innovative musical instruments to smart ways to share songs. But one of the most important things is to figure out which one is admirable in class and worth your crucial time. This is the time to begin searching for the best and useful music apps which offers advanced listening experience on the iPhone, iPod or iPad. As most music apps require a paid subscription so it can make your choice even more stressful. To be honest, which music streaming service you select, is completely depends on what your musical taste is. So whether you prefer on-demand streaming or radio style, and many other factors, these are just some of the best music apps for iOS you might not know! » Read more

iTunes Alternative for Android Software

Apple’s iDevice users need to come across iTunes frequently for the daily using, and we know that iTunes is used for playing videos, music and also transfer of media onto the latter devices. The relationship between iOS users and iTunes is often a mixed one. This is because it is programed to synchronize music only to, iPads, iPhones as well as other devices of Apple. It also has been discredited for slow times of loading (more especially in Windows). But no one can deny that iTunes have helped us lots for managing their iOS data. So when you get a new Android device, you must want to find a tool like iTunes for your Android devices, right? Thus, in this post, we have picked up several iTunes alternative for Android software to meet your demands. » Read more

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone with or without iTunes?

You may be having tons of photos that you want to put on your iPhone for sharing or showing to your friends? Or you may wish to import the photos of your family members or your giggly new born from camera to iPhone, so that you can review these pictures whenever you want? So it is not hard to find that one of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) by iPhone users in the Apple support center or all kinds of iOS forums on the Internet is on how to transfer photos from the computer to iPhone or copy pictures from iPhone to PC. Thus, if you have a similar problem, there are basically two ways in which you can import your photos into your iPhone for your reference. You can compare them and decide which one is better according to your own needs. » Read more

iOS Apps for Making Mother’s Day Cards

It is a time of the year again! Have you prepared to make your mother feel completely loved and say to her that she really made your life into what you are today? It is no doubt you can do all kinds of things on this special day with your mom or select a precious gift like jewelry, portable devices, etc. to surprise her. No matter what is the way you celebrate the day, don’t forget to prepare a card and write the greetings or some warm-hearted words in it. Want to make a special card to your mom only? Here, we have picked up several apps that can help you create a customized card for your dear mother on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without hassle. » Read more

How to Celebrate the Coming Mother’s Day?

By now, you might already be thinking and planning for the upcoming event. It is not a festival but a personalized way to say thanks to the lady who helped you reach where you are in life. Knowing how to celebrate the coming Mother’s day 2015 in the best way is what you might wish to know at present, right? So in this article, we could like to give some ideas about the approach for celebrating. You can go through them and select the best one as you like.

Nonetheless, before you venture out, you should know that it’s not about gifting her an expensive jewelry or taking her to a restaurant that might cost you an arm or leg. The special day is a matter of emotions and the bond you share with your beloved mother. Whatever you do, make sure you get your heart and soul in it to enjoy the day like never before! » Read more

Free Music Downloads for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

It is really soothing to have music on one’s iPhone, and nobody can resist the charming of music. So if you’re also a music fan and love to listen to music on iPhone while you’re on a bus, reading a book, or on a journey, there are several ways to help you download free music on iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S/5, iPhone 4S/4, etc.. You can use one of them to enjoy your music journey with iPhone as you like. Any way, if you wish to have some sites to download ringtones to your iPhone, you can read another page like free iPhone ringtones. » Read more

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