Best Android Password Manager

There are so many apps on the play store for Android lovers. In fact, it can be a big task for you to select the best application for your beloved Android phone or tablet. Nevertheless, some of the most popular apps that have thoroughly researched include Google hangouts, Google voice, Facebook, and Viber. In addition, Avast Mobile Security, Dashlane Android App and Folder Lock, among others are the best Android password apps that you may wish to know.

Best Password Manager for Android – Dashlane Password Manager

If you’re looking for the best password manager for Android on the market, then you can’t miss Dashlane Password Manager program. It is the application that you have been much awaiting but are now available. This application is indeed what you needed because a smartphone has become your major device for online purchasing and web browsing. This application, therefore, provides security of your log-in details of your online accounts. Moreover, it gives secured access to your personal data that is sensitive in your smartphone.

The first thing you need to do is to directly download and install the app from the Google play. To install it, you have to accept the minimum requirements. If you wish to get the latest versions, you should have a device whose Android system is 4.0 or even higher. If you haven’t install the latest version, please be sure that you are compromising the security of this app. And you will also not be able to access the latest features of the Dashlane Password Manager.



This application is indeed the best for all Android lovers and users. It allows you to access your online ID’s, credit cards and many others. The application also enables you to access and edit the login credentials of your online websites and accounts.

The app also saves your ideal time because it auto fills your login details whenever you want to sign into any website. However, you need to save your login credentials for a particular website to the Dashlane password database if you want to use the application for a particular website. Once your details are saved, you just need to type the master password and the logins are just auto-filled.

What the Dashlane Can Do for You?

The main aim of this app is to make your web and life experience over smartphone simple and easy. So it safely stores your sensitive personal data and passwords of your online accounts in one place. Honestly, this Android password manager will always enable you to access your important data whether at home, work or wherever.

– The digital wallet feature will ensure you secure online payments on the go;
– It stores your contacts, credit cards, ID’s and other personal information safely in one place;
– It sends security breach alerts thereby keeping you watchful for your passwords;
– It saves your time by making logging into other websites and apps a matter of few seconds.
– It is able to create a strong password for all your online accounts and encrypts the passwords to keep them safe.
– It enables you to access all your data that are stored even if there is no internet connection;
– It has a two-step verification factor which enhances the security of the application;
– The app also allows you to modify and add information on the account of the application;
– Apart from the master password, the Dashlane application also allows you to use a pin code.

What the Dashlane Can’t Do?

As at now, the application is not able to save and display the purchases and track receipts.

Other Android Manager Porgram You Can’t Miss

1. SMS Managers for Android

SMS or text messaging has been there for many years before Android came into the world. A text message enables you to a convey information just in a few words. However, some applications that are designed for Android have indeed revamped this texting feature. They enable you to organize your texts on your smartphone. In addition, they provide regular inbox blocking and clean ups, back and security features.

In fact, there is paid and free version for Android users. Some of them include the Gate SMS Manager which can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. This manager offers support on the Internet gateway and thus enables you save on the texts you send. This SMS management application automatically identifies the operator and constantly reminds you of the unread messages. This application also allows you to select and set your favorite message ringtone.

Apart from the Gate SMS, there is also another SMS Manager that any Android users can go for. Some of them include MobiKin Android SMS Manager, SMS Guard, and the Auto SMS Delete/Cleaner.

2. Password Managers

Passwords are essential in not only managing your accounts but also maintaining its privacy. Even after using alphanumerical or difficult passwords, it is indeed important for you to be aware that breach of security is still there. Despite the fact that you are using iOS, windows 8 or even the latest Android version, there is still need for you to have password managers. The best Android password manager enables you to securely manage all your passwords in one field. The application for this password management device will also save you the agony of entering all your credentials in a similar place.

3. Advanced Task Manager

Want to download a task manager for your smartphone? Advanced task manager for Android phones is indeed the best for you. It is a convenient and useful application for managing your currently running programs in an efficient way.

In case you are worried about how you can speed up your Android phone and save its battery, just go for an advanced task manager. It allows you to manage running services, processes and tasks. With this application, you can also view memory usage, uninstall apps and manage to start up a list.


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