Can Android Studio Take the Place of Eclipse?

According to Wikipedia, the Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing for the Android platform. Google released Android Studio at the Google I/O conference on May 16, 2013. And Android Studio attracted many people as soon as it was announced by the Product Manager of Google. After the Google I/O conference, the new IDE has caused extensive concern and the new features of Android Studio also have drawn great attention. Many people wonder whether the Android Studio will take the place of Eclipse.


What is Eclipse?


Eclipse is also the integrated development environment and it is used to develop Java applications at first, but can be used to develop other applications later. Since the Foundation has coordinated an annual simultaneous release, the every year’s release will include the Eclipse Platform and also other Eclipse Project. And the recent release is the Mars which was released on 24 June, 2015. The platform version was the 4.5 and the project is Mars project.

Features of Android Studio.


  1. Live Layout

The layout designer with a drag-and-top is a great and surprising feature, which believed to be useful if you spent years in drawing out complex 3D interface. But actually, most of people will spend their time on code instead of the visuals when people work in daily life.


  1. Gradle-based build support.

The gradle integration is a useful functions, but if you want to move from Eclipse to Android Studio, you have to switch, otherwise you may face the risk of getting stuck.


  1. Interface

Most people may get used to the interface of Eclipse, so it is common to see people will feel strange when they first use the Android Studio. However, to be fair, the Android Studio is more friendly to users. What’s more, you can work with the Android Studio more quickly and fast. By the way, obviously, the Android Studio is designed for Android, while Eclipse can be used with any language or platform. So make the choice between Android Studio and Eclipse according to your needs.


  1. Android Apps

Android Studio support the developers to build Android wear applications. Furthermore, it also enable the user to integrate with the Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine. In short, it can support for Google Cloud Platform.

Which One Will You Choose, Android Studio or Eclipse?

Certainly you will make your own choice according to your needs and interests. While, to be honest, the Eclipse is old and out of date. Yes, it keeps evolving every year. But the IDE is starting to show its age and I believe the software engineers will find that the Android Studio will be more suitable for them.


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