Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has been the market leader in android phone manufacturing and sales globally for quite some time. With Galaxy S series coming a long way since its very first phone Samsung Galaxy S. In April 2017 the company launched its latest flagship, Galaxy S8. Here, we’d like to compare this latest Samsung phone with its previous generation cousin Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and if you’re interested in it, please read this page carefully.

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Facebook Messenger App is not Working? Let’s Fix It!

Facebook is undoubtedly a leading social media platform that is currently being used by billions of people across the world. Apart from the official Facebook application, the online platform’s developers went a step further to design the Facebook Messenger program. Facebook Messenger is a relatively new application that allows all Facebook users to send and receive messages, videos, and images at absolutely no cost.

This convenient messaging service is constantly updated and offers various powerful features that are aimed to make online chatting even more fun. It is, however, important to note that the Facebook Messenger application also has its own flaws. That is why this article will provide you with the common Facebook Messenger Issues and their specific solutions. » Read more

Android SMS Manager for Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Something about Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow was released with the sole purpose of improving the overall end-user experience of the Lollipop. It has come with novel features that allow for permissions into the new architecture with new APIs necessary for contextual assistants; a new power system management which minimize background activity when the device is not in use (Doze). It also features fingerprint recognition and USB type-C connectors with the ability to shift data and applications to micro SD card and use it as a primary storage plus other functions as well. The mobile software is available on all Nexus Devices that were released within the past two years and it comes as a standard on Nexus P and Nexus 5X. Marshmallow looks and feels similar to Android 5.0 Lollipop apart from a small scanty layer of the OS that has been overhauled. Google updates all its apps independent of the operating system in general. Marshmallow offers a lot of new features that make a lot of people to upgrade for example on how to switch your default browser dialer and SMS apps. Android Marshmallow allows you to switch out the core parts of the Android system experience in favor of third party ones hence making it be versatile enough. The operations that you can easily change include the texting (SMS) app, the browser, the phone app and the keyboard. There is also a lot of this app that is available on the Google Play for free. » Read more

Methods to Type Faster on an Android Phone

We all know the feeling, slowly typing out each word to let your girlfriend know that you’re on you way home, terrified that your phone will auto correct to a slightly less polite message. The never ending stress of having to stop in the middle of a metro station to quickly write an email to your boss, which ends up taking you five minutes longer than you would have originally hoped. Since humanity is now living at a faster pace of life, humanity wants to do things faster. Get to work faster, eat faster, the never ending bustle of daily life. This bustle has even gone down into our need to type faster. This isn’t necessarily bad, and when you type faster you get to have more time not looking down at your android phone. You can contact and communicate with people, and generally have your brain working faster. So what are some ways to make you type faster for android users? We have put together a few tips to get you started. » Read more

How to Run Android Apps On Linux

Linux is one of the POSIX-compliant operating systems available in the market today. Developed and distributed as open-source softwares for personal computers, its core component is the Linux kernel which was first developed in 1991. Later on after its development, it has been ported into more computer hardwares, apart from the Intel X86 it was initially designed for. With the growth and dominance of the androids and smartphones, Linux has had to upgrade their system to integrate with these hardwares. In its original design, Linux is still a widely used OS on servers and other mainframe computers. The program runs very well on an embedded system – devices whose OS is specifically tailored into the firmware i.e. tablets and smartphones. » Read more

Move Files Between Cloud Storage Services

Since the appearance of cloud service, many people transfer files to the cloud storage to stash the data instead of saving the data on hard drive or computer. The cloud storage is welcomed by people because of the large space that could be used to stash files, convenient transferring method that allows you to access to the files in the cloud storage freely and whenever you want as long as the device is connected to the internet. What’s more, the files on the hard drive may be lost if the device is broken or dead. But the files in the cloud storage can be safe for a lifetime.

More and more people choose to back up files in cloud service or share files with others via the cloud service. As we know, there are many cloud storage service in the market and many people save different files in different cloud storage. So you may need to transfer files between cloud storage services. » Read more

How to Manage the Auto-started Apps on Android

How long will your Android phone response to you when you tap on the power button to turn on your Android phone? Of course the shorter the time is, the better it will be. Although Android phones appeal to a great number of customers and had the top sales volume, many Android phones users may meet the problem of low boot time. The longer you have used the smartphone, the longer it will cost to turn on the device. Actually, the speed of startup reflects the performance of mobile phones partly, which will have an influence on user experience. So in order to improve the user experience as well as the Android performance, we will provide you several tips to speed up your startup and recommend you powerful software to manage the startup.

Why your startups need such a long time? The reasons may be as follows: » Read more

Can Android Studio Take the Place of Eclipse?

According to Wikipedia, the Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing for the Android platform. Google released Android Studio at the Google I/O conference on May 16, 2013. And Android Studio attracted many people as soon as it was announced by the Product Manager of Google. After the Google I/O conference, the new IDE has caused extensive concern and the new features of Android Studio also have drawn great attention. Many people wonder whether the Android Studio will take the place of Eclipse.


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Microsoft’s Response to the Auto Update to Windows 10

As is known to all that the new operating system Windows 10 is coming to us and Microsoft seems to be very or over confident on the new Windows version because Microsoft give no choice to the old version users and give a “force update” to the Windows users.

Admittedly, the new Windows 10 has some incomparable features which may attract many users to update the version to the latest one to get the experience. And luckily the Microsoft also provide the Windows users the free update.

However things seem to be different recently. More and more Window 7 and 8 users reflect that they received the notification that inform them about the updating news but the notification didn’t give other options like update the OS later or not update but just one choice – begin to upgrade to the Windows 10. And that is not all, it is reported that the users also found that the Window only give them one option that they can only update to the Windows 10 and are not allowed to upgrade to other pertinent version. This action made many Windows users who are glad with their current version – Window 8 or 7 and are not willing to update to the Windows 10 trouble and annoyance. » Read more

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