Big Battle: Samsung Galaxy S10 VS iPhone XS, Which is Better?

With the launch of the latest Samsung Galaxy S10, the biggest battle of 2019 – Samsung Galaxy S10 VS iPhone XS has officially kicked off. Now many users want to switch their old phones to one of these two new devices but it is hard for them to make a choice. That’s because they both have some amazing features and functionality. Hence, before you make a decision, you have to look at the features and specifications which contribute to how the phones function.

Samsung S10 VS iPhone XS

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Best Apps to Print Text Messages from iPhone/Android (2019)

Nowadays, the demand for the Apps to print text messages is very huge since users often need to print out some messages from Android or iPhone for court or other purposes. Then which application is the most ideal one among thousands of options? Just read on! This post will show the best or free Apps for printing text messages.

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Now let’s learn what these applications are and what they can do.

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Step by Step to Encrypt Your Android Devices

To Encrypt Android device is nothing but data protection and personalization that is much securer than the use of a mere password. Encryption keeps your device safe from accessing by unauthorized persons especially hackers and people interfering with your device. Also, it’s important to encrypt your device especially when you are in an environment that needs high security.

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Then how to encrypt your Android device? Just go on to learn the details.

how to encrypt android device

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How to Compress Videos on Android/iPhone Easily?

With the development of technology, taking long videos on Android phone or iPhone is not difficult now. However, there still is a problem disturbs phone users – video is too long to send. To solve this problem, the directest way is to compress videos on these devices. But how to achieve this goal? You need to use some compress applications.

If you don’t want to reduce the video size, you can turn to:

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Temperature Falls, You Need to Protect Your Phone from Cold Now!

Speaking of winter, a majority of people can’t help quivering due to its low temperature. In most people’s opinion, this frigid season is not so friendly to human cause it not only makes our daily activities inconvenient but also leads to some device errors. One of the most common examples is that the mobile phone is unable to run smoothly. This would be a troubling problem for the reason that phone becomes a necessity now. Thus, for a mobile phone user, knowing the way to protect your phone from cold is very significant. » Read more

How to Change Viber Number on PC, Android and iPhone?

If you are a social media enthusiast, chances are that you love using instant voice call and messaging communication applications like Whatsapp, Viber, and Telegram just to name a few. It is also possible that you have come across various annoying people that you would rather not talk to but you are too polite to block them. You may have also obtained a new number and you want to always use it for all your future communications.

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Best Android Password Manager

There are so many apps on the play store for Android lovers. In fact, it can be a big task for you to select the best application for your beloved Android phone or tablet. Nevertheless, some of the most popular apps that have thoroughly researched include Google hangouts, Google voice, Facebook, and Viber. In addition, Avast Mobile Security, Dashlane Android App and Folder Lock, among others are the best Android password apps that you may wish to know. » Read more