[Great Christmas Gift] Enjoy Up to 50% Discount from MobiKin Promotion Season

You must be excited in recent, right? The biggest festival – Christmas is coming soon. On this special day, it is inevitable that you need to use your mobile phones frequently – taking photos or videos for memory, shopping online for the Christmas gift or Chritsmas Meal and so on. So to ensure that you can use your phone to record your happy time without missing any moment, you need to prepare a good phone manager or recovery software beforehand.

Then how to get an affordable but useful software and get your mobile phone ready for the coming festival? Just see here. MobiKin products can help you to complete the phone data management or recovery easily and you can get them at a favorable price – MobiKin is holding the holiday sales. Now let’s see the detailed discount on different selected programs.

Valid Period: 2019.12.16 — 2019.12.31

A Total Free iOS Tool

In order to give back to our old and new customers, MobiKin has provided a free program – MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Windows Version) which can help you to manage the data on iOS device with ease. All the users can freely get the 1-year license code for this program as long as you share it with your friends.

50% off on Android Tools

We have selected Android Assistant and Android Data Recovery software to individuals for enjoying 30% off. The below listed items can only be installed and used on 1 PC.

Coupon Code: MOBI-W36A-PNCQ

50% off on iOS Tools

For iOS users, here we have taken a 50% off on the reputable iOS Manager and iOS Data Recovery software. Let’s check the detailed list:

Coupon Code: MOBI-W36A-PNCQ

If you don’t know how to use the discount coupon code on MobiKin, please read the page to learn the detailed steps.

How to Celebrate 2015 New Year’s Eve?

2016 is around the corner and how will you spent the last day of 2015 and welcome the first moment of a new year? It is a great and meaningful moment that all the people will celebrate. Who will you spend the moment with? Will you stay at home and enjoy the happy time with your family, go to the party stay with your friends or just find and romantic and quiet place to stay with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Here we will recommend you several methods to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

  1. Enjoy Countdown in Squire

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How to Make A Personalized Slideshow for the Mother’s Day?

Mother’s love is an incredible plethora of eternity. She is the one who sacrifices everything just for the sake of her child’s smile, and most importantly she never expects anything in return. Right from bearing the pain of childbirth, to struggle hard to fulfill the needs of her children, and shaping them up for a healthy and happy future life, a mother’s contribution is unmatched! So, with mother’s day round the corner, it’s our responsibility to show gratitude, love and care and make her feel special for all that she does for us.

Mothers will love and cherish any gift that we present to her. A small token of appreciation and care from her children is all what she craves for. But, this mother’s day let’s surprise our mothers and show them what we can do for her! How about making a personalized slideshow? Mothers will surely adore it, right? It will be a surprise which she will treasure for her lifetime. » Read more

Mother’s Day Messages You Should Know

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iOS Apps for Making Mother’s Day Cards

It is a time of the year again! Have you prepared to make your mother feel completely loved and say to her that she really made your life into what you are today? It is no doubt you can do all kinds of things on this special day with your mom or select a precious gift like jewelry, portable devices, etc. to surprise her. No matter what is the way you celebrate the day, don’t forget to prepare a card and write the greetings or some warm-hearted words in it. Want to make a special card to your mom only? Here, we have picked up several apps that can help you create a customized card for your dear mother on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without hassle. » Read more