All Tips for Using Facetime on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Facetime is a popular Apple application that allows you to make both audio and video calls to and from your iOS devices. This beneficial service requires a fast wireless (Wi-Fi) connection or a reliable cellular data plan for it to be used. You will also need either the recipient’s registered email address or phone number to successfully make video or audio calls using the amazing app. This comprehensive article is going to provide you with all tips for using Facetime on iPhone, iPad and Mac. You will be amazed at how much you never knew you could do with the interesting app. » Read more

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iPhone, iPad in iOS 9?

Do you like to watch YouTube videos in the daily life? It is well known for all that YouTube provide users with all kinds of video files for entertainment or knowledge. And with the popularity of iOS devices, more and more iOS users like to watch YouTube videos on iPhone, iPad via YouTube app or Safari. However, you may have found that no matter the YouTube videos are playing on YouTube app or Safari, it will be paused when you switch from YouTube app or safari. This is mainly because the default job of YouTube is to play videos, so when you back to the home screen or turn to other tasks on your phone, the playing videos will be paused temporarily. It is undeniable that if you wish to watch videos, then this “Pause” design can greatly help you. But if you wish to listen to some information while you’re doing other things on your iPhone or iPad? Actually, you only need to change a few settings on your iPhone or iPad, then you can run YouTube videos in the background on iPhone or iPad without restrictions. » Read more

Top 11 Tips for Taking Awesome Selfie with iPhone

Nowadays it is increasingly common to find people taking selfies, especially on their iPhones. However, with time, you will eventually realize that it is not that easy to take a perfect selfie that will be liked by all, especially if you are unaware of various factors. This does not need to be the case as you are going to discover in this comprehensive article on the top 11 proven tips for taking awesome selfie with your iPhone. After reading this article and implementing the life-saving tips provided, you will be finally able to show off your impressive selfie photography skills with ease. Kindly note that the tips provided are only the most essential ones that every selfie lover should know. » Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S, Which One Will You Choose?

Samsung Galaxy S7 was released recently and you can read the article – The Main Features of Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge to know more about the new flagship of Samsung. And you may hesitate between the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S that was released last year. Both are flagship with outstanding hardware and high-quality software and attracted many people’s attention when they were released. Besides, their price range are similar to each other. Since they have so many similarities, you may have no idea about which one you should choose. Here we will access the differences between the two devices.

samsung-vs-iphone » Read more

How to Resell Old iPhone at a Higher Price?

New smart phones with advanced technology are released regularly. The life the smart phones have been becoming shorter and shorter, which result from the development of technology. There is a good example, iPhone! The latest version of iOS smart phone – iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were released at the Apple conference in September, 2015. Many Apple phone fans may think about change their old iPhone to the newest one. Just one year ago, the release of iPhone 6 was ever the hottest news at that time, which draw all the attentions of people. But now the many iPhone 6 users are considering about how to deal with the old iPhone 6. Actually there are some news and planning about the iPhone 7 now according to the latest news.

Hence how to deal with the old iPhone may be a trouble when people keep updating their iPhone to the latest one. Throwing the old iPhone away is a waste so more users tend to resell the old mobile phone. Then here comes our problem – how to resell the old iPhone at a higher price? » Read more

Methods to Enter or Exit DFU Mode for iOS Device Users

What Is DFU Mode?

DFU mode is short for Device Firmware Upgrade and means the mode that allows the iOS device to connect with iTunes without loading the operating system or boot loader. It can allow the Apple devices to be restored from any state and update or degrade the firmware compulsively. For example, if you want to degrade the operating system, jailbreak the iPhone or unlock the SIM, you may need to enter the DFU mode. And after that, you will need to exit the DFU mode. So here we provide you two guides to enter and exit DFU mode.

How to Enter DFU Mode?

Step 1. Connect the device to your computer and the iTunes will be launched » Read more

Set up and Use Apple Pay with Your Apple Watch

Shopping online is not something new and it has become more and more popular with the booming internet. As we know, shopping online need the users to pay online. So it also increases the trend of manage your fortune online. For example more and more people registered the online banking and many apps are added with payment functions. Apple is not a exception. Apple Pay is the mobile payment function that released by Apple. This page will teach you how to set up Apple Pay with your Apple Watch also provide the detailed steps to use it.

» Read more

Recommended System Requirements for iCloud

Introduction of iCloud:

As the important products of the cloud computing service, the iCloud was branded iTools in 2000, Mac in 2002, MobileMe in 2008 and finally the iCloud at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2011 and the service was announced to be free at the same time.


iCloud is the cloud storage service that released by Apple. The iCloud offer the Apple users a large remote storage space to save the data like photos, music, document, applications, bookmarks, notes, ibooks, reminders, contacts, backups and so on and at the same time the data could be sent to shared by other users as long as he or she sign in the account. You are also allowed to make the backup of iOS device wirelessly, so that you can restore your device without the iTunes backup and just via the iCloud when you lost your files. » Read more

How to Find the Album of A Song You Encounter in Apple Music?

Apple Music

Apple Music is a music service, a music application, an internet radio service and also a interaction platform for artists and fans, which was developed and offered by Apple. With almost all the functions related to music, Apple Music is able to provide you more than 30 million songs with $9.99 a month or $14.99 for your family that allow at most 6 members to use it at the same time. By the way, the new members can get a 90-day free trial.

What’s more, it can give you advices about the music according to your personal likes, and the suggestions are professional and come from the music lovers and the persons who play music for a long time. In addition, the Apple opened an internet radio station “Bests One” that is owned by itself. The radio station has a real host, which can provide good music recommendation to the users. Furthermore, you can also see the latest news about your favorite stars and singers on the app. You can master your music freely even the songs in the iTunes. » Read more

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