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Best Alternative to Airshou: Record iOS Screen Easily

If you are an avid gamer, video producer, blogger or a technology enthusiast that owns an iOS device, chances are that you may need to record your iOS screen at a certain point. In the past, you were required to use a camera whenever you wished to record your iDevice’s screen. However, this method was not only tiresome but also ended up producing poor quality videos that were not worth showing off.

Things have greatly changed over the years as it is now possible for you to record your iOS screen straight from your handheld gadget. Currently, Apple does not officially provide its users with any screen recorder application on its Apple Store platform. This is because most screen capture applications have the ability to record your iPhone or iPad’s screen, even after exiting the screen recorder app, hence; can be used to capture sensitive private information including passwords by malicious developers. » Read more

Best Gifts for 2015 Christmas

Happy Christmas in 2015!


Christmas is coming! Have you prepared gifts for your family and friends? Since we have celebrated Christmas day for so many years, I guess you may wonder what gifts else you have not sent to your friends in the past because no one want to receive same gifts. Have no idea? Here we will recommend you the best gifts ideas for different people for your reference that may satisfy and delight your family and friends.! We will also prepare some creative or latest gifts that you have never sent. » Read more