MobiKin Doctor for Android 4.0.13 Updates: Bring A Totally New Redesigned UI & Smoothen The Connection Process for Android Data Recovery

In the first week of July 2019, MobiKin updates its well-received Android recovery tool – MobiKin Doctor for Android (Windows Version). The updated program brings a briefer and cooler UI to better the user experience. In order to make it more smooth during the data recovery, the technical team optimizes the cell phone connection process. As a bonus, MobiKin adds a toolbox to the program’s homepage as well.

MobiKin Doctor for Android Windows Version

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[Mac] MobiKin Transfer for Mobile Released: How to Transfer Data from One Phone to Another

After releasing Transfer for Mobile (Windows Version), MobiKin, which offers the best software for Android and iOS users, announces that MobiKin Transfer for Mobile (Mac Version) is available last week. For Mac users, Transfer for Mobile helps them to transfer data from one phone to another one directly, including contacts, call logs, text messages, media files and more. Let us have a look about this awesome software.

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[New] MobiKin Eraser for Android (Win) Helps to Wipe off Your Android

Before giving away or selling your old Android device, you need to erase all your private data in order to prevent your information from disclosing. Certainly, the erasure here does not mean a simple deletion that can be easily recovered by some tools. To ensure the security of your data, you’d better permanently wipe off your data and overwrite it. In this case, you need MobiKin Eraser for Android (Windows Version) as your assistant.

What is MobiKin Eraser for Android? It is a professional Android data eraser software that can help users wipe off their Android phone or tablet with one simple click. This history eraser for Android will make the erased data unrecoverable since it not only removes the files saved on your device but also overwrite them with junk files. Hence, no one can restore your erased data with any recover tool.

Android Data Eraser for Win

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Best Alternative to Airshou: Record iOS Screen Easily

If you are an avid gamer, video producer, blogger or a technology enthusiast that owns an iOS device, chances are that you may need to record your iOS screen at a certain point. In the past, you were required to use a camera whenever you wished to record your iDevice’s screen. However, this method was not only tiresome but also ended up producing poor quality videos that were not worth showing off.

Things have greatly changed over the years as it is now possible for you to record your iOS screen straight from your handheld gadget. Currently, Apple does not officially provide its users with any screen recorder application on its Apple Store platform. This is because most screen capture applications have the ability to record your iPhone or iPad’s screen, even after exiting the screen recorder app, hence; can be used to capture sensitive private information including passwords by malicious developers. » Read more