How to Celebrate 2015 New Year’s Eve?

2016 is around the corner and how will you spent the last day of 2015 and welcome the first moment of a new year? It is a great and meaningful moment that all the people will celebrate. Who will you spend the moment with? Will you stay at home and enjoy the happy time with your family, go to the party stay with your friends or just find and romantic and quiet place to stay with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Here we will recommend you several methods to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

  1. Enjoy Countdown in Squire


The most exciting and happiest thing in New Year’s Eve is to count down to the end of the year and watch the timer ticking and ticking and finally an hour hand, a minute hand and a second hand are pointing the same number 12 O’ clock. Everyone around you will shouting and cheering to welcome the most important moment. Couples will kiss each other. You can go to the Trafalgar Square if you are in London or the Times Square if you are in New York to have a happy time and enjoy yourself.

  1. Appreciate Fireworks Display


As we know there usually will be fireworks display in most of the cities or areas. Just close your ear to avoid the deafening firecrackers and appreciate the fireworks crisscross rising from the ground to the dark sky. And all of a sudden, all the fire boom and splash like a flowers of colorful light blossom on the sky. Beautiful fireworks lighten the sky, which make the sky as bright as daylight. Let’s begin the first moment of a year with a dreamy scene! I’m sure you will moved by the moment with boiling city among gorgeous lights.

Of course, you can go to the garret of a high building that near to the fireworks to have a better appreciation. Or you can just find a tranquil place and stay with your lover to wait for coming of the last moment of 2015 sweetly and merrily.

Besides, you can shoot off fireworks by yourself with your friends if it is allowed, which may be funnier than to watch the display of fireworks from some place far away.

  1. Have A Luxury Diner with Family


Christmas day is just 6 days earlier than New Year’s Eve, so all the family members may still stay at home together. Why don’t the whole family have a sumptuous festival feast together. Talking about the dishes and trivial things in life and sharing the happiness or something interesting, everyone can enjoy happy family time at such a great moment.

  1. Go to Bar or Take Part in the Party


Just give yourself enough beer or wine and allow the drinks thrills your brain on the bar. Or you can just booze and drown yourself in the amazing liquids. So that you can have a crazy time and express all the emotions in the last night of this year. Or you can stay up whole night and rejoice with wild excitements with your friends on the party..

Bonus: If you have not prepared the gifts for New Year yet, you can read the best gifts for Christmas as the reference.


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