How to Compress Videos on Android/iPhone Easily?

With the development of technology, taking long videos on Android phone or iPhone is not difficult now. However, there still is a problem disturbs phone users – video is too long to send. To solve this problem, the directest way is to compress videos on these devices. But how to achieve this goal? You need to use some compress applications.

If you don’t want to reduce the video size, you can turn to:

Top 3 Compress Apps for Android Devices

#1 Video Compressor

If all you want is to quickly cut, extract and shrink your big fat videos, look no further than this App. It doesn’t only reduce video size to several lengths, but let you separate MP3 audios from your videos. What’s more, this free and easy-to-use application turns your large video files into MP4 and leaves chunks of spaces for your new shots.

reduce android video size

#2 Video Compress for Android

The second recommended tool is Video Compress for Android. You can choose it from your Play Store and it will reduce the sizes of all recordings on your Android that are taking a lot more space than necessary. The best thing about this compression tool is that it is a one-tool-fits-all-format App that can trim and save all your big videos, and custom fit your social media sharing needs even amidst the internet speed issues.

compress android video

#3 Video Dieter 2

Video Dieter 2 is a light but useful compression tool – it will take no space on your Android device, but offer you the best solution when you want to edit and compress video with high-speed transcoding. What’s more, this mini video trimmer also allows you to smartly organize your videos while emailing or sharing them.

compress video file

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Top 3 Compression Tools for iOS Devices

#1 Smart Video Compressor

With this free video shrinking app, sizing up your biggest and best iPhone videos is not a big deal anymore. This tool offers an intelligent pack of trimming solutions with simple and user-friendly processing, which makes it easy to use. You just to add your videos to this App and it will compress video file with an output that best fits your requirements.

compress iphone video

#2 Video Compress for iOS

Video Compress for iOS is a high-rated App in App Store. It can compress a single video, multiple videos or entire albums and optimize the iPhone storage with no hassle. What’s more, this tool can reduce video size of all your iOS recordings in their original quality and guide you to your new space of compressed video.

compression tool for ios

#3 Video Slimmer

The last App recommended here is Video Slimmer. It is an intelligent App that can offer you a stopgap solution when you want to shrink merge, split or rotate your king-sized movies in your iOS sets and post, mail or share them on your social Apps. It can compress video file in blazing fast speed and save hundreds of GBs without compromising their high definition quality.

reduce video size on ios

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Bottom Line

In simple words, if you want to enjoy some state-of-the-art features for the ultimate video resizing and space optimization of your iOS or Android set, these applications can do the job like no other. Each of the tools is professional and user-friendly and neatly fits your budget. What’s more, they can ease out the sharing and transforming your video files in the nick of time.

Just don’t hesitate to select the suitable compression tool from above to ease the video transferring process. And if you have any problem or new idea about the post, please leave your common to let us know.

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