How to Download Free Video from Any Website?

You may want to save the favorite You Tube or Vimeo videos video to watch them offline. So here we will provide you wonderful methods to download the streaming videos from websites for free. The method is simple if the videos you want to download is on the websites like You Tube and Vimeo, it will be much easier. Because you only need to extend the browser. If you want to download videos from websites like Hulu, you are required more technical solutions.

Method 1. Downloader Extensions

Step 1. Download and install the Mozilla Firefox on your computer. Because this is the most powerful and easiest browser that you can use downloader extensions on. You can get the browser on Mozilla website.


Step 2. Start the Firefox and then click on the Menu button (☰) on the top right corner. Then head to the Add-ons Manager tab by selecting on the Adds-ons option. Click the Get Adds-on button on the left and then type the “downloadhelper” on the search bar. Finally just click on the Install button to download the Video DownloadHelper.


Step 3. Head to the videos websites. DownloadHelper enables you to download videos from various streaming sites such as You Tube, Vimeo and so on. It will not work for sites like Netflix, Hulu, or You may refer the method 2 to download videos from these websites.


Step 4. Find the videos you want to download and load it.


Step 5. As you can see from the interface like below. Click on the spinning icon to open the option.


Step 6. Select the format and quality that suit you best among several options. By the way, MP4 is the most universal format and can be used in the mobile phones.


Step 7. Finally you will see an interface with several options like the picture below. Click on the Download option to download it. You can also click on other options according to your needs.


Method 2. Alternatives

Step 1. Start the Google Chrome and open the link containing embedded video.


Step 2. Press Ctrl+Shift+i on the keyboard.


Step 3. Developer’s area will appear at the bottom of the interface.


Step 4. Hit the Network button on the top panel.


Step 5. Find the option with the longest bar in the timeline tab and this is the link to the video stream.


Step 6. Check the type of content in type column as video, mp4 or other format.


Step 7. Right click on the option and selects the Copy link address as the picture shows.


Step 8. Open another tab can paste the link in the address bar. Then just press enters and the browser’s video player will appear.


Step 9. Finally right click the player and selects Save Video As option from the menu. Then you can watch the videos whenever you want.



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