Free Email Programs for Windows

Want to find a free email service for Windows? Here we will prepare several free email program for you. Many people may use Microsoft Outlook as the default email service. But many users complained that the mail app cannot support the Pop service accounts and sometimes you may meet the “cannot find wab.dll” error when you try to use the Outlook 2000. So here we will recommend you several better alternatives to the Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Zoho Mail

As a solid and professional email service, Zoho is a good choice for office staff. The software can provide you POP and IMAP access and abundant storage.


– The users are able to manage mail, identify key messages and contacts and send replies.

– There are no advertisements in the service.


– You are not allowed to access to other IMAP accounts

– The users cannot use the templates that are offered by the service for canned replies.


  1. Yandex.Mail

With powerful functions like reminders, e-cards, keyboard shortcuts and so on, Yandex.Mail enables users to manage emails efficiently and fun.


– The users can receive reminders if they have no replies.

– The service can offer you various web access, mobile apps, POP and IMAP access.

– It is easy for you to search for the related emails with the software.


The users cannot access IMAP accounts like they do with the desktop email program.


  1. Opera Mail

With a well-designed and concise interface, Opera can satisfy people’s various needs. Besides, it integrates RSS feeds. One word, it is a slick, small and safe email.


– With a smart spam filter and labels, it can help you manage email with no hassle.

– The emails will be displayed in related place automatically.


– Flexible messages templates or advanced automation are not provided by the software.

– It also does not support the secure message signing and encryption.


  1. iCloud Mail

With an affluent storage and web applications, this free software was developed by Apple.


– The service is clean and has no advertisements.

– It is easy to operate the service with the keyboard shortcuts.


– It will not offer you labels and search folders. And the filters can offer more precision.

– You are not allowed to access other email accounts in iCloud Mail.



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