How to Make A Personalized Slideshow for the Mother’s Day?

Mother’s love is an incredible plethora of eternity. She is the one who sacrifices everything just for the sake of her child’s smile, and most importantly she never expects anything in return. Right from bearing the pain of childbirth, to struggle hard to fulfill the needs of her children, and shaping them up for a healthy and happy future life, a mother’s contribution is unmatched! So, with mother’s day round the corner, it’s our responsibility to show gratitude, love and care and make her feel special for all that she does for us.

Mothers will love and cherish any gift that we present to her. A small token of appreciation and care from her children is all what she craves for. But, this mother’s day let’s surprise our mothers and show them what we can do for her! How about making a personalized slideshow? Mothers will surely adore it, right? It will be a surprise which she will treasure for her lifetime.


To begin with, you have to spend some amount of time collecting old pictures. Digital photographs are easy to use in slideshows. However, older pictures in family albums need to be scanned and kept ready for use. Make sure that you include pictures of each and every person who are special in her life. Photographs of your dad, siblings, grandparents, relatives and friends with your mother would be great. It would be awesome if you could find some pictures of her when she became a mother for the first time. Old memories of her, with her baby in her arms or caressing her babies would be a grand surprise for her. She would be glad to see such old pictures after a long time! Apart from collecting old pictures, you must also collect poems or gifts that you had previously presented to her. To make the slideshow look more beautiful, start editing the photographs. Adjust the brightness, contrast, shades, modes, and so on. Many photo-editing software like Picassa and Photoshop is available that can make an average picture look gorgeous. Next, keep a set of her favorite music ready. Some songs that appreciate her, or some sincere words to express gratitude, recorded in your own voice would leave her in a mesmerized state for a long time. If your mother gets emotional quotations, including them in your slideshow would also be another terrific idea! Keep the texts, music and pictures ready before you set out to begin your slideshow.

Steps on Creating A Personalized Slideshow to Surprise Your Mom

Now it is time for you to choose a freeware tool to help you shape your thoughts and perception into reality. A lots of software are available on the Internet but you should to compare them and select one as you need. Apart from the traditional Microsoft PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker, you may make use of freeware like PhotoStage Slideshow, Photo Slideshow Creator, Freemake Video Converter, Bolide Slideshow Creator, Smilebox, Visual Slideshow, ProShow and so on. Each of them has their set of effects to glorify your slideshow. Choose from the themes, templates, transitions and add effective animations to impress your mother. Describe memories related to each picture in text or recorded voice. Clipart and other cute images will add to the beauty of your slideshow. If you have video clips of your mother, you have an added advantage. Arrange everything is making use of the features of your freeware and your slideshow is ready!

The last and the most important task is to present it to your mother. Convert it to an EXE file if you are planning to mail to your mother or a video file! If you are living with your mom, you can plan a surprise party and call your relatives and friends and present the slideshow in your own style during the process. If your mom feel more comfortable privately, and avoid social gatherings, the party could be only for your family! However, if you are living away from your mom, you can send it to her or even burn a DVD and parcel her the DVD disc in a gift wrap. She would be pleased with such a lovely surprise!

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