How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iPhone, iPad in iOS 9?

Do you like to watch YouTube videos in the daily life? It is well known for all that YouTube provide users with all kinds of video files for entertainment or knowledge. And with the popularity of iOS devices, more and more iOS users like to watch YouTube videos on iPhone, iPad via YouTube app or Safari. However, you may have found that no matter the YouTube videos are playing on YouTube app or Safari, it will be paused when you switch from YouTube app or safari. This is mainly because the default job of YouTube is to play videos, so when you back to the home screen or turn to other tasks on your phone, the playing videos will be paused temporarily. It is undeniable that if you wish to watch videos, then this “Pause” design can greatly help you. But if you wish to listen to some information while you’re doing other things on your iPhone or iPad? Actually, you only need to change a few settings on your iPhone or iPad, then you can run YouTube videos in the background on iPhone or iPad without restrictions.

Steps to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iPhone or iPad

Step 1. Please be sure the WiFi network is normal, and then open Safari browser on your iPhone and enter the YouTube official website.


Step 2. Find the videos you wish to play and tap on “Play” button. After that, you can press the “Home” button and the video will be paused autoamtically.


Step 3. Swipe up from down to bring “Control Center” and here you can tap the “Play” button to replay it in background as you like.



  • iTunes Error code 590624

    If this really happens then this is going to be the best thing to happen in the Apple devices. But will this same tips work in case of the android devices?

    • Tina

      Hi, friend! The tips provided in this post are all for iOS devices. If you wish to play YouTube videos in background on Android devices, I am afraid you need to find another post aims at Android devices.

  • Lia Konecni

    Thanks for sharing this very good piece of information. Very interesting points too!

  • Jonhson

    Honestly i’am not good at reading but your blog is really easy to understand, thanks for sharing…

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