How to Resell Old iPhone at a Higher Price?

New smart phones with advanced technology are released regularly. The life the smart phones have been becoming shorter and shorter, which result from the development of technology. There is a good example, iPhone! The latest version of iOS smart phone – iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were released at the Apple conference in September, 2015. Many Apple phone fans may think about change their old iPhone to the newest one. Just one year ago, the release of iPhone 6 was ever the hottest news at that time, which draw all the attentions of people. But now the many iPhone 6 users are considering about how to deal with the old iPhone 6. Actually there are some news and planning about the iPhone 7 now according to the latest news.

Hence how to deal with the old iPhone may be a trouble when people keep updating their iPhone to the latest one. Throwing the old iPhone away is a waste so more users tend to resell the old mobile phone. Then here comes our problem – how to resell the old iPhone at a higher price?

First of all, you need to back up iPhone important files before reselling the iPhone!

Obviously some files in the old phone can be still used on the new one and some files are ought to be saved for a long time. Thus you should back up some files from iPhone to computer. With the MobiKin iOS Assistant (Windows/Mac), it will be a piece of cake for you to transfer the files including contacts, messages, photos, books, music and so on from iPhone to computer. Click here to know how to transfer files from iPhone to computer.

Best Places to Resell Your Old iPhone at Higher Price

  1. Amazon

1-amazonAmazon is a store that not only the new products can be sold but also the second-hand items can be resold to the needed customers. With the a vast customer base of Amazon, your old iPhone can be exposed to more customers. The detailed information about your old iPhone like carrier, capacity, color, accessories and how long you have used the iPhone are needed when you sell it on the Amazon. The price depends on the conditions of your used iPhone and can be varied from $120 to $408.

What’s more, you need to log into the selling site of Amazon and submit the trade-in iPhone. Next, ship your old iPhone to the Amazon and you will get a gift card. Finally, you can buy whatever you want on the Amazon and pay with the gift card.

  1. Apple Store

2-apple-storeYou can also sell your used iPhone to the to the Apple retail store if all the accessories on your iPhone are good. And then you can get a credit which works in updating your iPhone. The price here can be ranged from $0 to $336.

You can log into the Apple Store website and answer the questions about your old iPhone. Next, the price of your used iPhone will be estimated. Finally just send your iPhone to the Apple and get paid.

  1. Walmart

3-walmartWalmart is nor merely a market that sell the brand-new products. If your iPhone is in the Model Name list of Walmart, you can sell it to the Walmart and it will be disposed in an environmentally friendly way. By the way the price could be ranged from $80 to $315.

The process of reselling your old iPhone to the Walmart is similar to the processes above. Just enter the website of Walmart and complete the appraisals. Then send the item to Walmart and get the Walmart eGift card that can be used to buy products on Walmart.

  1. RadioShack

4-radioshackYou can also head to the website of RadioShack to sell your old iPhone. And you will get cash if you sell your iPhone successfully, which distinguish it from other stores obviously.

All you need to do are as follows: First just get your iPhone evaluated online. Then accept the quotation you are satisfied and send the iPhone to the local RadioShack. Finally, you get the payment.

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