How to Use iPhone to Take Panoramic Photo?

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish to capture a specific scene but later find out that it is impossible to fit all its elements in a specific shot? Are you a proud owner of a new iPhone probably with the latest operating system (iOS 9 or 10)? If so, it is in your best interest to read this informative article to the very end that is guaranteed to show you how to use iPhone to take panoramic photos.

The Panorama camera is a life-saving iPhone feature that allows you to capture incredible, high-quality 240-degree panoramic images in a single shot. You can now easily catch breathtaking panoramic photos directly on your iPhone without having to manually stitch them together on your personal computer which was the case in the past.


Taking Panoramic Images Directly on Your iPhone

You can use your iPhone’s default iOS camera app to take panoramic images. This incredible feature can only be accessed on iPhone 4s and later models. This is why this informative tutorial is going to show you how to take great panoramic images while using your new iPhone device. Kindly note that the steps provided below work on all new iOS devices (iPhone 6S and iPhone 7) or any Apple based smartphone that makes use of the newest operating system (iOS 9 or 10).

Step 1: Go to your iPhone’s Home screen and tap on the native iOS camera app’s icon.

Step 2: While inside the default camera app, scroll down until you come across the panorama feature which is clearly labeled as “PANO”. Kindly note that you can use either the rear or front camera to capture panoramic images.

Step 3: This step will determine how your final image will appear. It is possible for you to take a panoramic photo by moving your iPhone to the right or left direction. Although required to pan right by default, you can easily tap on the arrow provided to change the direction as you prefer.

Step 4: Simply tap on the shutter button to begin taking your panoramic shot. Kindly move your iPhone horizontally along the specific path that is displayed on your smartphone’s screen. Always remember to keep your iDevice on the same level and steady as you capture your panoramic shot.

Taking Panoramic Images with iPhone by Using Third-Party Apps

It is also possible for you to take awesome panoramic photos even when using an older iDevice. This is thanks to the various beneficial third-party apps found on the Appstore. You can also benefit from these apps even if you own the latest iOS device due to the obvious limitations experienced while using the default iOS camera app’s “Panorama Mode.” Below are some common third-party iOS apps that can be used to take stunning panoramic shots.

– 360 Panorama

This is a paid iOS app that is specially designed to take awesome panoramic photos. 360 Panorama has three distinct image capturing modes that can be used to take even better photos. The iOS app that costs roughly $0.99 also makes it a lot easier to share the captured panoramic images on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

– Photosynth

This is a free iOS app that was developed by the Microsoft Corporation. Photosynth, which is mainly compatible with iOS 5 or later devices, offers advanced panorama functionality despite being completely free. If you are looking for an advanced iOS app with incredibly accurate stitching and even better exposure, then the Photosynth is a must have functionality tool for you.

Tips You Should Known about How to Take Panoramic Photo with iPhone

1. All your processed panoramic images are added to your iPhone’s “Camera Roll” from which you can edit and share them.

2. You can view the entire panorama in one frame if you turn your iDevice sideways.

3. Always pan your iDevice slowly while capturing panoramic photos. This will help you take high-quality panoramic shots.

4. Take several shots instead of a single attempt.

5. You can even invest in a tripod if you wish to take professional panoramic shots.

Write in the end

Taking high-quality panoramic images may be difficult at first. However, constant practice is guaranteed to get the job easily done in no time. Kindly install and use the Photosynth third-party iOS app before deciding to spend your hard earned money on any other app. This is because the Photosynth app has been discovered to provide you with superior features as compared to those provided by most paid panorama apps.

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