iOS Apps for Making Mother’s Day Cards

It is a time of the year again! Have you prepared to make your mother feel completely loved and say to her that she really made your life into what you are today? It is no doubt you can do all kinds of things on this special day with your mom or select a precious gift like jewelry, portable devices, etc. to surprise her. No matter what is the way you celebrate the day, don’t forget to prepare a card and write the greetings or some warm-hearted words in it. Want to make a special card to your mom only? Here, we have picked up several apps that can help you create a customized card for your dear mother on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without hassle.

Cleverbug Cards – Free

An exceptionally popular app in the store which has been around for some time, now millions of users have already made good use of the features it has to offer. Cleverbug card is a versatile app that lets you do as you please. You can send an e-card or even choose to pay a little to send a physical card to your mother. To be honest, the choices are plenty and you can choose a layout you like to write stuff on it and send it. What’s more, another good news is that the first printed card is free of cost. So, if you are using the application for the first time, you can make use of this offer and send her a real one. It even lets you add your face to a layout and send one through e-mail, SMS or even Twitter. In addition, the app is strongly integrated with Facebook which makes it easier to remember special occasions, especially Mother’s Day. For the special occasion, a lot of exclusive cards have been introduced in this one that you could customize and send to your beloved mom.


Ink Cards – Free

If you seriously love creating a card right from the scratch, the Ink cards app is the best one for you. While there are plenty of iOS apps for making Mother’s day cards, this one is a lesser known application which is not only amazing in terms of delivering what you need but also comes bundled with a host of layouts for you to pick from.


You can start by choosing a layout of your choice with specific colors and designs. Pick an image that you think, best suits the occasion. For mother’s day, they have special images and you can even use a family picture or your own to make it stand out from the crowd. Just type some text of what you wish to say to your mom and voila, your new card is ready. The price is really low and if she owns an iPad, this is a much better way to greet her before you take her out or move on with other plans.

Mother’s Day Card Creator – Free

Developed by Big Blue Clip, Mother’s Day card creator is the biggest and most popular app on the App Store. They have created the app specifically for allowing users to manually make cards of their own and enthrall their mothers. It has an easy to use user interface and comes bundled with excellent photo editing tools to come up with your dream card.

Scrap Pad Photo Journal – Free

With this app, you can collage and add multiple photos to the user interface which will create you a journal out of it. The concept is new and feels good to browse through them on the amazing iPad’s screen. The only catch is just not available on the iPhone and you have to make sure your mom owns the tablet before you use this one.

Flowerly – Virtual Flowers – Free

Digital cards are cool but virtual flowers are cooler. With the flowerly app, you can surprise your mom with something new like never before. She may be unable to smell them but might definitely appreciate the love you have for her. The app is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad devices.

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