5 Popular and Fun iPhone Games in 2017

Smartphones are versatile devices that can be used to do various things. Apart from helping us communicate with our friends, colleagues or even loved ones, these devices can also be used to watch videos, listen to music, take pictures, surf the internet and even play games among other amazing activities.

If you are an avid technology lover, chances are that you always set aside a certain percentage of your precious time to unwind through playing video games. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of video games on the official Apple App Store. This makes it almost impossible to select a specific game that you can play on your iOS device.

This guide on the top 5 can’t-miss fun iPhone games in 2017 is a must-read for you if you just cannot decide which is the right game for you.

1. Plague Inc.

Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/plague-inc/id525818839

Have you ever had the evil desire to destroy the entire world? If so, then you need to play the Plague Inc. It provides you with the ability to annihilate the entire world simply by spreading a very dangerous virus. Plague Inc. is a high-quality, real-time strategy game that was developed by the independent games studio “Ndemic Creations”.

This iPhone game app costs $0.99, is provided in the French, English, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Italian, German, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, polish and Portuguese languages. Plague Inc., which is fully compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, requires iOS 6.0 or later for it to work. The interesting game basically puts you in a raging war against the entire world.

You are required to create a unique pathogen and then evolve it until the entire human race is destroyed. This is not as easy as it may seem due to the fact that there is a qualified team of health practitioners and other specialists who are doing their best to contain and even destroy your harmful virus.

This game is quite popular with avid gamers that it has been featured in the London Metro, The Guardian, Boston Herald, The Economist, and New York Post newspapers apart from having over a million 5 star ratings. Plague Inc. comes with a complete, easy to follow tutorial that is aimed at helping you to succeed in conquering the world.

With four distinct levels and over six different types of viruses to experiment with, Plague Inc. is guaranteed to keep you entertained at all times.

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2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/grand-theft-auto-san-andreas/id763692274?mt=8

The legendary Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game is also available as a paid app for iOS users. You are required to be over 17 years old for you to be able to download the game on your device. This is because GTA San Andreas contains nudity, sexual content, realistic violence and drug use among other explicit scenes that are not suitable for young kids.

GTA San Andreas, which costs $6.99, was developed by the “Rockstar Games” company. This iOS app is available in the Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, English, Italian and German languages. With various amazing levels, breathtaking action, cool graphics, and unique sound effects, Grand Theft Auto is definitely a must-have iOS app for any serious gamer.

GTA San Andreas, just like its predecessors does not disappoint and it is almost impossible for you to notice the difference between the iOS and the PC version of the program.

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3. NBA 2K17

Are you a die-hard fan of the “National Basketball Association (NBA)” super league? Then you will be interested in downloading and playing the NBA 2K17 on your iPhone or iPad. It is guaranteed to provide you with a real-life NBA league experience. Imagine having the ability to select your favorite NBA team and players and helping them succeed in the super league.

This game allows you to develop a single player, help him or her get drafted during the college trials and nature them until they become the superstars they are intended to be. NBA 2K17 is probably the most authentic iOS sports video game ever. The game is developed by the “2K” company and costs about $8.

NBA 2K17 is guaranteed to offer you high-class performance, perfect gameplay and stunning graphics like never ever seen before. Critics argue that NBA 2K17 is more realistic than its predecessors and delivers a perfect basketball experience for all iDevice users.

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4. Heads Up!

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/heads-up/id623592465?mt=8

Heads Up is a popular iOS game that was developed by the “Warner Bros” entertainment company. The app that is provided in the Spanish and English languages costs $0.99 and requires iOS 8.0 or later for it to work. Heads Up! can be easily described as a hilarious, fun and cool guessing game that can be played at any place and at any given time.

The game provides you with the chance to name celebrities, identify various animals, sing in silly accents and identify various movies among other amazing activities. Heads Up! automatically records your gaming session. This enables you to later share your gaming experience with your loved ones and other followers on social media.

There are numerous free categories provided that you can choose from and you can even decide to purchase the paid ones. In a nutshell, the Heads Up! iOS game provides you with the chance to pass time and even have fun with a small group of people. Get guessing today, won’t you?

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5. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/minecraft-pocket-edition/id479516143?mt=8

This list would not have been complete without the Minecraft: Pocket Edition app. It is the iOS version of the famous Minecraft game that allows you to crank your creative juices as you professionally work to build various amazing structures. The newly updated iOS versions of the program make the building process even more challenging as you encounter various people and monsters whose main role is to sabotage your project. This app is provided in the Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, English, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Korean languages.

The popular game requires iOS 8.0 or later for it to work and costs about $7. Minecraft is basically creative-based and only involves very mild violence.

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Write in the end

The top 5 can’t-miss fun iPhone Games in 2017 are guaranteed to help you put your additional time to good use. Kindly note that the App Store contains many other games that are subdivided into several categories. You can always visit the App Store if you are in the mood to experiment with other popular free and paid games.


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