How to Manage the Auto-started Apps on Android

How long will your Android phone response to you when you tap on the power button to turn on your Android phone? Of course the shorter the time is, the better it will be. Although Android phones appeal to a great number of customers and had the top sales volume, many Android phones users may meet the problem of low boot time. The longer you have used the smartphone, the longer it will cost to turn on the device. Actually, the speed of startup reflects the performance of mobile phones partly, which will have an influence on user experience. So in order to improve the user experience as well as the Android performance, we will provide you several tips to speed up your startup and recommend you powerful software to manage the startup.

Why your startups need such a long time? The reasons may be as follows:

– There are too many applications that are started automatically when you turn on your mobile phone.
– Your memory card is out of space and you save too many files on your storage space.
– You did not clean the junk files and they occupy the space of your mobile phone.

The situations we list above can influence not only the startup but also the operating system, you can click the 5 Tips to Keep the Android Phones Operating Fast to get detailed guides to speed up your mobile phone thoroughly and completely.

Manage Startup Applications without Any Third Party Tool on Android Phone

This Guide does not require any apps and you can perform it on your Android phone.

Step 1. Turn on your Android phone and head to the Settings interface, select the Internal Storage option and you will see an interface like this.


Step 2. Click on the Apps option to preview all the applications. Click the applications that are started automatically or you do not want to run.


Step 3. Click the Stop button so that the app can not work anymore and at the same time it will no longer to start automatically.


Recommended Applications to Manage Startup

  • AutoStarts

AutoStarts is the software that can enable users to manage apps that are started automatically. As we know there are many pre-installed apps or auto-started apps that you can not manage them freely. This app can allow you to take control of your applications on the phone and stop the auto-started applications as free as you like. But you need to root your mobile phone first. But the app is not free. What’s more, you need to know that the app itself will cost much time to start.


  • Startup Cleaner 2.0

Startup Cleaner 2.0 is a free application designed for Android users to manage their auto-started apps. So it is OK for you to try it freely. With this software, you can display the apps that are running when you turn on the Android phone and then you can uninstall them to improve the startup speed. By the way, the interface is simple and the operation requires no professional skills. But sometimes you may find that there are some applications that are auto-started apps but they are not detected by the software.


  • Startup Manager Free

Startup Manager Free is also free and it can enable the users to disable the startup apps, too. The apps support many languages and it will estimate the time that applications will cost to start automatically when the phone be rebooted. And then it will allow you to decide whether the application should be added to the list of autostarted applications.



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