Microsoft’s Response to the Auto Update to Windows 10

As is known to all that the new operating system Windows 10 is coming to us and Microsoft seems to be very or over confident on the new Windows version because Microsoft give no choice to the old version users and give a “force update” to the Windows users.

Admittedly, the new Windows 10 has some incomparable features which may attract many users to update the version to the latest one to get the experience. And luckily the Microsoft also provide the Windows users the free update.

However things seem to be different recently. More and more Window 7 and 8 users reflect that they received the notification that inform them about the updating news but the notification didn’t give other options like update the OS later or not update but just one choice – begin to upgrade to the Windows 10. And that is not all, it is reported that the users also found that the Window only give them one option that they can only update to the Windows 10 and are not allowed to upgrade to other pertinent version. This action made many Windows users who are glad with their current version – Window 8 or 7 and are not willing to update to the Windows 10 trouble and annoyance.




Now the Microsoft finally give responses to the problem and complaint.. It is reported that the Microsoft admitted that the auto update to the Windows without the awareness of users is a mistake and they will cancel the systematically auto upgrade of the Windows of those who did not preorder the Windows 10. It is said by Microsoft that it is a great measure to offer the free update to Windows to Windows 7 and 8 users in the first year in order to achieve the goal that make the number of users who download and install the Windows 10 reach the 1,000,000,000 in two or three years. So the Microsoft will send the installation package of Windows 10 to the users as long as you turn on the settings of the auto update.


Here is the brief introduction of the new features of Windows 10:

  1. The users can use Skype to send messages, make calls and communicate with others via the Skype videos on the Windows computer which offer convenience to users who have the needs of the transnational communication.windows10-1
  2. You are also allowed to preview the page without opening the page label in the Edge browser. At the same time, you can also sync favorites, bookmarks and reading list after you sign in your Windows Live.windows10-2
  3. The improved Cortana can understand you more than ever and give you appropriate responses intelligently. It will trace your spare time and remind you the activities time.windows10-3
  4. Some changes in the design like the title bar with new color, new icon and so on.windows10-4
  5. You are also able to manage the default printer.


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