Important Announcements that were Made During Apple’s WWDC 2016

On the 13th day of June (Monday) 2016, Apple officially commenced its “Weeklong Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)”. This conference, which was held at the “Bill Graham Civic Auditorium” in San Francisco, attracted over 6,000 attendees from various parts of the world. During this day, Apple announced various new upgrades to its multiple operating systems. These essential upgrades for Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, iPhone, and iPad are expected to be freely available to smartphone users this fall. Below are some of the key announcements that were made during the weeklong conference.


Everything You Should Know about Apple’s WWDC 2016

1. Apple TV

Apple during the first day of the WWDC 2016 event announced that it will make various improvements to its Apple TV operating system (tvOS). The tech company revealed that it was going to introduce a “Single Sign-On” feature that will make it easier for Pay TV subscribers to log into their favorite network apps. Users will now be required to use a universal login password to access all their network apps instead of having to manually sign in to each video streaming network app.

Apart from making the login process less miserable, Apple has also introduced a deeper Siri integration function to its Apple TV video streaming service and its companion remote app. You can now easily use the voice assistant to control all of your smart-home devices directly from your television.

2. Watch OS

During the WWDC 2016, Apple announced the release of the new Apple Watch operating system called “Watch OS 3.” The new Apple Watch operating system is expected to come with an advanced “Scribble” feature that you can use to physically reply to your messages directly from your smart watch’s screen. This is better than the “Voice Dictation” feature that was previously used to reply to messages. Watch OS 3 also comes with an advanced “Activity” app that allows you to share and compare your daily activities with your loved ones.

Another key difference between watch OS 3 and Watch OS 2 is the fact that the new operating system is up to seven times faster than the old one.

3. MacOS

At last, the tech company has decided to rebrand its Mac operating system. The company has decided to change the “OS X” name that it has been using for 15 years now in a move aimed at unifying the branding scheme of all its products. MacOS Sierra which will be the debut version in the new MacOS series will also be integrated with the Siri voice, virtual assistant. This voice assistant will be helping PC users to find movies, search the web, look for files on their computer, and play music.

Apart from that, MacOS Sierra has a unique Auto Unlock feature that makes it easier to unlock your Mac. Instead of having to enter your unique password when using your PC, the operating system will unlock your machine for you automatically if you are wearing an Apple Watch.

4. Apple Music

Due to the numerous complaints against the music streaming service and the huge losses Apple has incurred, the tech company has finally decided to redesign the Apple Music App. The new application not only makes it easy to navigate through the program’s interface but also makes it a lot easier to locate your favorite music files. The year-old Apple Music streaming service’s simplified new look also has an inbuilt lyrics tool for music lovers who love to sing along to their favorite tunes. This redesigned app also makes it easy to identify the exact number of songs on your gadget and those you have on the cloud.

5. Siri

After five years of waiting, Apple has finally allowed app developers to tweak its virtual voice assistant. Independent developers can now easily manipulate the virtual assistant’s voice controls. This is a necessary move aimed at keeping up with the numerous technological advancements, especially those made by its smart assistant competitors. As discussed above the voice assistant feature is also been introduced to Mac making it a lot easier to use your PC.

The Siri voice assistant is expected to do various additional functions that were not previously possible like summoning an Uber car, sending cash to a friend and sending private messages in the near future.

6. Messaging service

By also opening its messaging service to outside developers the popular tech company is expected to add various attractive apps for sending money, watching videos and sending stickers to its default messaging app. The company is also in the process of adding Snapchat-like features to its message app. Apart from making the Emoji icons even bigger, the default messaging app can now be used to automatically highlight specific words that can be replaced with distinct Emojis simply by clicking on any Emoji button.

In the near future, you will be able to even watch videos directly on your messaging app thanks to the technological advancements.

7. Apple Photos

In an attempt considered by critics to be copying Google’s imaging app, Apple has also introduced a variety of automated features to its “Apple Photos” app. The company has added a new face detection feature that allows you to easily view various images or videos that belong to a particular person. This faces detection feature works when you tap on the person’s face.

The automated feature can also detect objects and places, thus making it easy to search your entire photo library. There is also an auto-editing feature that can be used to combine numerous videos from one memory into a single edited piece.


The WWDC 2016 event has promised various essential upgrades to all Apple communication and entertainment products. These upgrades which were aimed at improving the efficiency of all Apple products are likely to attract even more smartphone and PC enthusiasts to the MacOS and iOS platform. Although there are other announcements that are expected to be made during the WWDC 2016 event the ones provided during the opening ceremony are the major ones.

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