2016 Online You Tube Downloader

As one of the most famous and popular video-sharing website that allow people to upload, rate and share videos, the website has lured millions of people to be its regular users. As we know, people may need to download some videos because the videos are really fantastic or the users want to watch them offline. Here we will recommend you several downloading websites for you. Why not select one among them and download your loved movies.

  1. Keep Vid

As a highly recommended website, it is welcomed by many users. The features like its simplicity that make it easy for users to download videos has attracted many people. Besides, the website can generate positive result when you use it.



It is easy and simple to operate the software and users can download what they want with no hassle and effectively. So it is suitable for users especially the green hand.


There are some bugs in the app so sometimes the website may malfunction or freeze.

  1. Save vid

Like You Tube, this website can also support the video hosting service for those who are banned or can not access to the You Tube. What’s more, you can also search for the videos you want and the website will provide you a good result.



The users are able to search for the videos from that location by setting the searching criteria.


It has a old fashioned layout and sometimes is not available because of traffic.

  1. Keep Tube

As you can see from the name, it is designed for You Tube users. The biggest feature of the website is the swiftness and people can save much time and effort if they make a full use of the website.



The website has a concise interface that enables users to download the files with no hassle and efficiently.


The interface may freeze when you are downloading files. Some of the functions are not practical.

  1. Clip nabber

The website can support various formats and there is also conversion facility in it. Besides, the site is easy to operate.



The website is also support other hosting websites as well as You Tube. It can support FLV format that are widely used.


There are some bugs in the website.

  1. Zamzar

The website enables you to edit the videos, which is welcomed by many people. The users are able to edit the downloaded videos as they like.



Users can also use the convertor to convert the videos according to the needs. With a excellent organization, the software is easy to operate.


Your questions may be not answered in time and the interface is not that suitable for modern people.

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