Best Android Password Manager

There are so many apps on the play store for Android lovers. In fact, it can be a big task for you to select the best application for your beloved Android phone or tablet. Nevertheless, some of the most popular apps that have thoroughly researched include Google hangouts, Google voice, Facebook, and Viber. In addition, Avast Mobile Security, Dashlane Android App and Folder Lock, among others are the best Android password apps that you may wish to know. » Read more

Android SMS Manager for Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Something about Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow was released with the sole purpose of improving the overall end-user experience of the Lollipop. It has come with novel features that allow for permissions into the new architecture with new APIs necessary for contextual assistants; a new power system management which minimize background activity when the device is not in use (Doze). It also features fingerprint recognition and USB type-C connectors with the ability to shift data and applications to micro SD card and use it as a primary storage plus other functions as well. The mobile software is available on all Nexus Devices that were released within the past two years and it comes as a standard on Nexus P and Nexus 5X. Marshmallow looks and feels similar to Android 5.0 Lollipop apart from a small scanty layer of the OS that has been overhauled. Google updates all its apps independent of the operating system in general. Marshmallow offers a lot of new features that make a lot of people to upgrade for example on how to switch your default browser dialer and SMS apps. Android Marshmallow allows you to switch out the core parts of the Android system experience in favor of third party ones hence making it be versatile enough. The operations that you can easily change include the texting (SMS) app, the browser, the phone app and the keyboard. There is also a lot of this app that is available on the Google Play for free. » Read more

Methods to Type Faster on an Android Phone

We all know the feeling, slowly typing out each word to let your girlfriend know that you’re on you way home, terrified that your phone will auto correct to a slightly less polite message. The never ending stress of having to stop in the middle of a metro station to quickly write an email to your boss, which ends up taking you five minutes longer than you would have originally hoped. Since humanity is now living at a faster pace of life, humanity wants to do things faster. Get to work faster, eat faster, the never ending bustle of daily life. This bustle has even gone down into our need to type faster. This isn’t necessarily bad, and when you type faster you get to have more time not looking down at your android phone. You can contact and communicate with people, and generally have your brain working faster. So what are some ways to make you type faster for android users? We have put together a few tips to get you started. » Read more

How to Run Android Apps On Linux

Linux is one of the POSIX-compliant operating systems available in the market today. Developed and distributed as open-source softwares for personal computers, its core component is the Linux kernel which was first developed in 1991. Later on after its development, it has been ported into more computer hardwares, apart from the Intel X86 it was initially designed for. With the growth and dominance of the androids and smartphones, Linux has had to upgrade their system to integrate with these hardwares. In its original design, Linux is still a widely used OS on servers and other mainframe computers. The program runs very well on an embedded system – devices whose OS is specifically tailored into the firmware i.e. tablets and smartphones. » Read more

Who is Stealing Your Wi-Fi and How to Prevent People from Stealing Your Wi-Fi?

It is hard to imagine that the internet was farfetched and it was only an idea for college guys and professors that shared information. The email that you use was not like the way it is: the primitive emails that were used back in the days were really hard to use.

As you fast-forward to the 2016 you will notice all that has changed within a short spun of time. The once wired internet that used to keep you at your desk is slowly fading away. The gadgets that you have are able to give you internet access without having any cable, it does sound amazing. Technology such as Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G has changed the way people communicate and get access to information. However, as you continue to use 3G and 4G to share data, Wi-Fi is still the number one in sharing and getting data. » Read more

2016 Online You Tube Downloader

As one of the most famous and popular video-sharing website that allow people to upload, rate and share videos, the website has lured millions of people to be its regular users. As we know, people may need to download some videos because the videos are really fantastic or the users want to watch them offline. Here we will recommend you several downloading websites for you. Why not select one among them and download your loved movies.

  1. Keep Vid

» Read more

Free Email Programs for Windows

Want to find a free email service for Windows? Here we will prepare several free email program for you. Many people may use Microsoft Outlook as the default email service. But many users complained that the mail app cannot support the Pop service accounts and sometimes you may meet the “cannot find wab.dll” error when you try to use the Outlook 2000. So here we will recommend you several better alternatives to the Microsoft Outlook. » Read more

Move Files Between Cloud Storage Services

Since the appearance of cloud service, many people transfer files to the cloud storage to stash the data instead of saving the data on hard drive or computer. The cloud storage is welcomed by people because of the large space that could be used to stash files, convenient transferring method that allows you to access to the files in the cloud storage freely and whenever you want as long as the device is connected to the internet. What’s more, the files on the hard drive may be lost if the device is broken or dead. But the files in the cloud storage can be safe for a lifetime.

More and more people choose to back up files in cloud service or share files with others via the cloud service. As we know, there are many cloud storage service in the market and many people save different files in different cloud storage. So you may need to transfer files between cloud storage services. » Read more

How to Download Free Video from Any Website?

You may want to save the favorite You Tube or Vimeo videos video to watch them offline. So here we will provide you wonderful methods to download the streaming videos from websites for free. The method is simple if the videos you want to download is on the websites like You Tube and Vimeo, it will be much easier. Because you only need to extend the browser. If you want to download videos from websites like Hulu, you are required more technical solutions.

Method 1. Downloader Extensions

Step 1. Download and install the Mozilla Firefox on your computer. Because this is the most powerful and easiest browser that you can use downloader extensions on. You can get the browser on Mozilla website. » Read more

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