Set up and Use Apple Pay with Your Apple Watch

Shopping online is not something new and it has become more and more popular with the booming internet. As we know, shopping online need the users to pay online. So it also increases the trend of manage your fortune online. For example more and more people registered the online banking and many apps are added with payment functions. Apple is not a exception. Apple Pay is the mobile payment function that released by Apple. This page will teach you how to set up Apple Pay with your Apple Watch also provide the detailed steps to use it.

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Can Android Studio Take the Place of Eclipse?

According to Wikipedia, the Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing for the Android platform. Google released Android Studio at the Google I/O conference on May 16, 2013. And Android Studio attracted many people as soon as it was announced by the Product Manager of Google. After the Google I/O conference, the new IDE has caused extensive concern and the new features of Android Studio also have drawn great attention. Many people wonder whether the Android Studio will take the place of Eclipse.


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Recommended System Requirements for iCloud

Introduction of iCloud:

As the important products of the cloud computing service, the iCloud was branded iTools in 2000, Mac in 2002, MobileMe in 2008 and finally the iCloud at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2011 and the service was announced to be free at the same time.


iCloud is the cloud storage service that released by Apple. The iCloud offer the Apple users a large remote storage space to save the data like photos, music, document, applications, bookmarks, notes, ibooks, reminders, contacts, backups and so on and at the same time the data could be sent to shared by other users as long as he or she sign in the account. You are also allowed to make the backup of iOS device wirelessly, so that you can restore your device without the iTunes backup and just via the iCloud when you lost your files. » Read more

Microsoft’s Response to the Auto Update to Windows 10

As is known to all that the new operating system Windows 10 is coming to us and Microsoft seems to be very or over confident on the new Windows version because Microsoft give no choice to the old version users and give a “force update” to the Windows users.

Admittedly, the new Windows 10 has some incomparable features which may attract many users to update the version to the latest one to get the experience. And luckily the Microsoft also provide the Windows users the free update.

However things seem to be different recently. More and more Window 7 and 8 users reflect that they received the notification that inform them about the updating news but the notification didn’t give other options like update the OS later or not update but just one choice – begin to upgrade to the Windows 10. And that is not all, it is reported that the users also found that the Window only give them one option that they can only update to the Windows 10 and are not allowed to upgrade to other pertinent version. This action made many Windows users who are glad with their current version – Window 8 or 7 and are not willing to update to the Windows 10 trouble and annoyance. » Read more

How to Fix Camera Problem on HTC Phone

With a large popularity, HTC phones have the 15% market share of the Android phone with a lot of fans even under the pressure of the iPhone which almost lead the half of the smart phone market or Samsung which is the hot-sale products among various brands of Android phones. HTC phone won its reputation with the attractive features and reasonable price. However, some HTC phone like the HTC One which is the big seller have some camera problems, so this post was written with the aim to provide the HTC users some useful tips and ticks to solve the problem.

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How to Find the Album of A Song You Encounter in Apple Music?

Apple Music

Apple Music is a music service, a music application, an internet radio service and also a interaction platform for artists and fans, which was developed and offered by Apple. With almost all the functions related to music, Apple Music is able to provide you more than 30 million songs with $9.99 a month or $14.99 for your family that allow at most 6 members to use it at the same time. By the way, the new members can get a 90-day free trial.

What’s more, it can give you advices about the music according to your personal likes, and the suggestions are professional and come from the music lovers and the persons who play music for a long time. In addition, the Apple opened an internet radio station “Bests One” that is owned by itself. The radio station has a real host, which can provide good music recommendation to the users. Furthermore, you can also see the latest news about your favorite stars and singers on the app. You can master your music freely even the songs in the iTunes. » Read more

Tips and Tricks for iOS 9 Users

How to Backup iOS Device before Updating to iOS 9?
It is necessary for you to backup the device before you upgrade your device to the latest version in case of the unexpected situations. You can easily backup your files with some apps like iTunes, iCloud and the Mobikin Assistant for iOS. The steps to backup iOS device are as follows:
Use iCloud
– For iOS 8 device
Go to Settings → iCloud → Backup, then turn on iCloud Backup to allow it to backup automatically; Or tap the Backup Now.
– For iOS 7 device
Head to Settings→ iCloud → Storage & Backup, then turn on iCloud Backup to allow it to backup automatically; Or tap the Backup Now. » Read more

What Should You Know About iOS 9?

The iOS 9 which was expected by many people was presented by Apple in Worldwide Developers Conference 2015. Apple announced that iOS 9 was enhanced a lot, which will offer a better user experience to us. Then compared to the last version, what has changed to the iOS 9? This post will give you a detailed description about the new features and improvements about the iOS 9.


The New Features and Functions of iOS Announced by Apple.
1. More Built-in Apps
There are some new applications that can offer you the basic functions that you may use everyday, for example, the management of mail, messages, web browsing, maps, making notes, and so much more. These simple but powerful apps can help you to do the essential things more easily. » Read more

Apple announced a new system watch OS 2.0

In San Francisco, Apple opened up the World Wide Developers Conference 2015 with a kuso video. With over 1000 attendees from more than 70 countries over world, this unprecedented size conference can be rated as the biggest-ever gatherings of Apple engineers.

As usual the WWDC focus on the new operating system, apple updates the three systems in the conference: OS X, iOS and watch OS. By contrast, the watch OS is of special concern due its high awareness.

Apple Watch has the new system, watch OS 2.0  "9.9.2014 Wish we could say more." New ••Apple WATCH!!" • irony (VOGUE article): SmartPhone made watch obsolete in 2007 but now recolonizes wrist ; ) •  requires iPhone (6+/6/5S/5C/5) • starts @$349 in early 2015 • 3 Collections: Watch / Sport / Edition • Activity + Workout Apple apps • WatchKit! • Messages • finger-sketches • SIRI Maps! • ultimate customization • apps • new light/photosensors • 3rd party tech ext • no screen obstruction • finest materials...

Although on sale less than two months, Apple launched new watch OS 2. The new OS brings more native Apps and new features to make your watch more splendid. “More faces and features for an even more personal experience.” Coming This Fall!

Native Applications for Apple Watch

The most important improvement, really useful applications have finally come. It will improve Apple Watch’s user experience in nature. Users will enjoy better performance.

In Watch OS 1.0, the thousands of applications can not run independently on the watch, they must rely on iPhone. Currently all application calculations need to complete on the iPhone and then transmit to the watch through Bluetooth. But since system OS 2.0, the developers can separately develop its own apps, no more the iPhone accessories, which are faster and more powerful. It is said that current users are able to upgrade the applications to version 2.0 directly; the original code just need improve slightly.

New Watch Faces.

The new watch faces look and work exactly as you like. Uses can choose the favorite photos or even entire albums as your watch faces. In addition, it also allows setting faces with a time-lapse video.

Time Travel.

In OS 2.0, you can travel through different time: yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is able to toggle the digital fast-forward into certain point in the future by turning the digital crown. At this point your schedule, weather, and even the function of third-party applications, such as car charging schedule, will make adjustments according to the time.

More Independent with WI-FI

Currently, only Apple Watch attached to iPhone can access to network. After the arrival of the new version, Apple Watch will be automatically connected even over a Wi-Fi network. When the phone is not around, the watch also allows you to get basic information.

Other Features

The Night Stand Mode makes Apple Watch an alarm, the watch can show time when charging. Digital Touch supports more colors. Siri becomes more practical, exercise record is to be voice-enabled. Both receive and reply email can be achieved on your Apple Watch.

More new features can refer to watchOS 2 Preview

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