Who is Stealing Your Wi-Fi and How to Prevent People from Stealing Your Wi-Fi?

It is hard to imagine that the internet was farfetched and it was only an idea for college guys and professors that shared information. The email that you use was not like the way it is: the primitive emails that were used back in the days were really hard to use.

As you fast-forward to the 2016 you will notice all that has changed within a short spun of time. The once wired internet that used to keep you at your desk is slowly fading away. The gadgets that you have are able to give you internet access without having any cable, it does sound amazing. Technology such as Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G has changed the way people communicate and get access to information. However, as you continue to use 3G and 4G to share data, Wi-Fi is still the number one in sharing and getting data.

Wi-Fi has dominated our homes, libraries, coffee shops, transport system and many other places that you visit daily. This is thanks to routers and hotspot that are faster and cheaper. They do not limit any bandwidth caps or cellular data; whether you install it in your gadget or you get it from your internet provide: it is hard to run from someone stealing your Wi-Fi. If you have no proper security, it is likely that someone is hopping in your internet without your permission.


How to Know Who is Stealing Wi-Fi ?

The first thing to note is your internet running slow or you have intermitted losses in your internet access. At other times you can notice that your router or Wi-Fi is blinking when you are not actually using it, this is a clear signal that your wireless signal is being used.

If you have ever experienced a strange name in the list of persons that are accessing or using your internet then you must know that you are in for trouble. It could be that someone is trying to work through your Wi-Fi and use it.

Anything that represents a strange MAC address should be an alarm that your internet is being accessed by ill mannered person. However the best way that you can know that someone is stealing your bandwidth is to switch off your Wi-Fi and wait to see if the internet connectivity is still blinking.

If you find that the above method is not effective, you can use your console to log into your router or Wi-Fi information. The information will tell you how you have used your bandwidth and you will also be able to tell if your Wi-Fi is being accessed by a third party.

You can also use a software that will monitor any person that is trying to warm into your internet, it can geo-locate any hacker or person that is trying to access your Wi-Fi and give you information before it happens.


How to Prevent People from Stealing Wi-Fi?

You can block your internet signals from reaching your neighbor or any person by doing the following. The first thing is to set up a password and your password should not be the usual numbers that they can be easily hacked. You should opt for something that will take any hacker years and years to hack.

You can also use MAC address filter any person form using your bandwidth; all the gadgets that you have in your home have a special MAC address. You can go in the dashboard of your router and register the MAC address of your devices that only listed devices can get access to your Wi-Fi.

This other method does sound silly but it works, you can try renaming your wireless network name to something that will send shivers to any person trying to access your Wi-Fi, perhaps you can use names like scary virus and virus in waiting.

Decreasing the range of your wireless signal is the other clever trick that you can prevent people from using it. You can do this by changing the mode of your signal or use a different channel to access internet. You can also wrap your route or antenna with a foil to restricted signals.

Researched have developed a paint that can prevent and stop your neighbor and any person from using your wireless network. The paint has chemicals blocking signals by absorbing them. This means that your wireless signal will only be limited to that particular room.

Applications to Secure Your Wireless Signal

There are applications that you can use to prevent people from snooping and getting access to your wireless signal. You can use virtual private Network to make your connection private and hinder any person that want to get access. This application is also able to block your sites and your internet protocol address from people.

You can also use ultraVPN, but it works similar to VPN; however, the other application you can use is hotspot shield from anchor free. This application is free but it comes with ant-viral and spyware that can help you monitor any person trying to access your wireless signal.


There is also I PIG from I opus application that is free and can be used to make your network secure and prevent any person from accessing your wireless signal.

There are several methods that you can use to prevent people from accessing your wireless signal but if you have not set proper password and you are not familiar with the setting of your router of wireless, any person can easily hack into your Wi-Fi.

You can use other software like airsnare that is super good in securing your wireless signal and once you have used the above methods, you will not be worried by who is stealing your Wi-Fi. Questions like, is my wireless internet being stolen, will never arise with proper methods of securing your wireless signal.


Preventing people from stealing Wi-Fi takes someone that is very aggressive and monitors any weird activities that are happening on their wireless signal. Lastly you should always make your password longer and complicated, but it should be ones that you will be able to remember.

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