Temperature Falls, You Need to Protect Your Phone from Cold Now!

Speaking of winter, a majority of people can’t help quivering due to its low temperature. In most people’s opinion, this frigid season is not so friendly to human cause it not only makes our daily activities inconvenient but also leads to some device errors. One of the most common examples is that the mobile phone is unable to run smoothly. This would be a troubling problem for the reason that phone becomes a necessity now. Thus, for a mobile phone user, knowing the way to protect your phone from cold is very significant.

Then, how to protect the mobile phone from cold to let your phone work well? It could be easy- you just need to remember several tips in your mind and then follow them.

Effects of Cold Weather to Smartphones

* A short-life battery

The cold weather would cost more battery of a phone. In winter, smartphones need to use more energy to keep itself work smoothly than in summer so the battery would be consumed more quickly. It would be a huge bug for the people who are urgent to use the phone but no any power source available at that moment.

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* A frozen or cracked screen

The cold weather makes the screen of the phone more fragile so you need to use it more carefully. Besides, the display would be desensitized to the order or even become unresponsive.

* Physical damage

In an extremely cold weather, the internal and external components of a phone will be rigid which would make the device more sensitive and cause some physical damages like a phone opening failure.

* Liquid condensation

Liquid condensation is not a rare phenomenon in winter- you leave the device in the cold for a long time and bring it into a warm area immediately and then the screen will become waterish. However, this common situation might cause some liquid damages on mobile phones. For example, it might make the screen unreadable and you are incapable of using the device.

Tips to Protect Smartphone from Cold

Since all the effects above are caused by the low temperature, you can solve the problem simply by warming the device up. The followings are several tricks for your reference. You can make an attempt first.

Tip 1. Keep your phone in warm place

To raise the temperature of a device, the most direct way is to keep and use it in a warm place. For instance, you need to keep it close to your body rather than put it in the handbag optionally. But attention here, you need to put and use the phone in a warm location but cannot close to the stove or somewhere hyperthermal or the device would get too hot which is also a big problem for a mobile phone.

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Tip 2. Charge the device before going outside

A full battery can resist the cold for a longer time so you need to ensure that the device is full of energy when you prepare to go to a chilly place. And if you plan to go out for a long time, it would be better for you to take the charger with you. What’s more, if you do not need to use the phone, you can turn on the Airplane mode on your phone to save the battery. All in all, just charge your phone fully to make it always run normally.

Tip 3. Use a weatherproof case

On the market, there are a lot of cases for different kinds of mobile phone. With these mobile phone shells, users can protect their device from broken and crashed. So in winter, you can choose a case which is good-looking as well as waterproof. This kind of case not only can prevent the device from water damage but also can warm the phone- it just like a cloth of the device.

Tip 4. Limit the phone usage in the cold

It might be inevitable to use your phone in a sub-zero temperature especially when you need to deal with something important on your phone. But you’d better limit the usage of it if possible. Otherwise, the device is very likely to be broken-down during the using process.

These are all our suggestions to protect your phone in this cold winter. All of them are basic and easy so you can try them when your phone is damaged by the cold winter. Just enjoy the winter with your phone.


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    the internal and external components of a phone will be rigid which would make the device more sensitive and cause some physical damages like a phone opening failure.

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    The smartphone is having the proper temperature so you need to keep the phone for the cold air or else you will face trouble while using it in that area, so just follow the process to keep the phones safe.

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