Best Screen Recording Tools

Screen recording tool can help you record the activity that happened on the screen of your computer. It is different from screenshot which is just a picture that record a moment of the screen. The screen recording will create a video of the screen activities. Screen recording apps are usually used by people want to make a demonstration or walkthroughs of certain actions on the screen of your computer. Here we will recommend you some applications that can help you make record screen activities.



It is a useful app can help you to record the screen easily and create a video directly. What’s more, there is a video editor in the app, which means you can edit the videos like adding text to the video as you like after you record the actions of the screen. In addition, the app has a gaming mode that allows you to record the game. Besides, the app enables you to directly uploaded video to YouTube. The app has a small collection of music clips which can be added to the video.



It is an online app that can enable you to record the screen without needs to download and install it on your computer. All you need is to log into the website of the app with your social account like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo. Moreover, you can record screen activities for 5 minutes at most and specify the screen area that you want to capture. But you should make sure that the Java needs to be installed on it. You can uploaded the video to YouTube directly or export the videos to MP4 format and save on your computer.



This app will offer you several tweaking options. It can allow you to record the specified area or the entire screen of the computer as you like. Besides, you are able to enable or disable the mouse when you record videos. What’s more, you can also record the sound from the software or your own voice to add to the video. Certainly, you can mute the sound. The videos can also be recorded at different FPS or Frances Per Second as you like.



This is a simple app that can also enable you to record the whole screen or a specified area of the screen. There are 3 different frames per second options for you to choose. They are 5, 10 and 15 FPS. Finally the videos will be stored in the AVI format.


Rylstim Screen Recorder

It is a basic and simple application that enables you to record the screen efficiently. The app will record the screen as soon as you hit the start button. The option of the app is limited and the app is also easy to use. What’s more, if you enable the clicks, they will be displayed as red ripple at the cursor or the green dots.


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