Facebook Messenger App is not Working? Let’s Fix It!

Facebook is undoubtedly a leading social media platform that is currently being used by billions of people across the world. Apart from the official Facebook application, the online platform’s developers went a step further to design the Facebook Messenger program. Facebook Messenger is a relatively new application that allows all Facebook users to send and receive messages, videos, and images at absolutely no cost.

This convenient messaging service is constantly updated and offers various powerful features that are aimed to make online chatting even more fun. It is, however, important to note that the Facebook Messenger application also has its own flaws. That is why this article will provide you with the common Facebook Messenger Issues and their specific solutions.

Common Solutions to Facebook Messenger Issues

1. Affect performance

The Messenger program is continually updated in an attempt to fix various bugs that were previously detected and reported. Despite this occasional updates, the application still consumes a lot of power, storage space (ROM) and memory (RAM), thus; affecting performance.

This often happens when the program is left to always run in the background to provide constant notifications and even update itself. The application has also been known to take up a lot of space (storage).


– Prevent your smartphone or tablet from allowing the Facebook Messenger application to run in the background. This will not only improve performance but also increase the gadget’s battery life.

– Install reliable third party applications that work to automatically clear the application’s cache for you. This will not only save on storage space but also improve performance in the long run.

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– Uninstall the application and instead use the Facebook mobile site to catch up with what your friends and loved ones are currently up to.

2. Fail to send or receive messages

This problem is commonly experienced while using the Facebook Messenger application. Before proceeding further, kindly ensure that the other Facebook users haven’t chosen to block you due to your unpleasant behavior.

You can now use the following tips if you have ascertained that you have no bone to pick with anyone else.


– Check whether you have a working cellular or wireless internet connection. Kindly switch on your mobile data and try to connect to the internet with any other application of choice. Simply connect to a different internet connection if the application also fails to work.

– Manually clear the available Messenger cache and any other irrelevant data before proceeding to restart your smartphone or tablet.

– Update the Facebook Messenger program if it is not set to automatically update on its own.

You can do this simply by proceeding to the Apple App Store if you are using an iOS device or the Google Play Store when using an Android smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, you can completely uninstall the Messenger application from your device before proceeding to reinstall it once more.

3. Some or all of your messages have disappeared

Facebook provides you with the ability to either delete or archive your personal messages. The solutions provided in this tutorial section can help you recover your archived or deleted messages.


– Ask your friend to send you any important messages or documents from your previous conversation if you had accidentally deleted them. This is possible because deleting your messages does not affect those that your friend has.

– Type your friend’s name in the “Search” box provided to easily locate your archived messages. Alternatively, you can always select the Facebook Messenger’s “Messages” section, tap “See All Messages” and choose the “View Archived Messages” option.

– You can use a reputable third party data recovery program to recover your deleted messages or simply contact Facebook using the number +1-888-811-4532 to be assisted with recovering your messages.

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4. The app is not working

The Messenger app may occasionally malfunction and provide you with a blank screen. This may be quite frustrating, especially if it happens during an exciting conversation. The tips provided below can help you solve this problem.


– Update your smartphone or tablet’s operating system.

New updates usually offer working solutions to various problems that may have occurred. Always ensure that you are connected to a working wireless or cellular internet connection and have charged your device to over 60% before attempting to update it.

– Clear your gadget’s Messenger application cache.

This will boost your device’s performance. Thus, actively helping the Messenger program to work even better. You can also uninstall the application, reboot your device and then reinstall it for it to work.


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