Top 11 Tips for Taking Awesome Selfie with iPhone

Nowadays it is increasingly common to find people taking selfies, especially on their iPhones. However, with time, you will eventually realize that it is not that easy to take a perfect selfie that will be liked by all, especially if you are unaware of various factors. This does not need to be the case as you are going to discover in this comprehensive article on the top 11 proven tips for taking awesome selfie with your iPhone. After reading this article and implementing the life-saving tips provided, you will be finally able to show off your impressive selfie photography skills with ease. Kindly note that the tips provided are only the most essential ones that every selfie lover should know.

Tips & Tricks for You to Take Awesome Selfie on iPhone

1. Use the remote shutter (volume button)

You can decide to use the volume button to take your selfie instead of having to directly tap on the shutter provided on your iPhone’s camera screen. This technique will enable you to easily take your selfie using a single hand and you won’t have to worry about your other arm protruding and covering the rest of your image. The iPhone 6 smartphone, for instance, has a generous size that allows you to not only grip your device perfectly but also makes it possible to easily use the remote shutter button to take your selfies.

2. Take as many photos as possible

It is advisable to take tons of selfies as this will provide you with a wide range of images to choose from. When you have multiple images, you are able to select only the ones that you love while deleting the others that you don’t. It is also recommended that you experiment with various poses, positions, and even facial expressions while taking the photos. You can also use the “Burst” selfie mode to achieve this as you will discover below.

3. Experiment with both camera options

The front camera is widely used by smartphone users to take selfies due to its appropriate position. However, this does not mean that you should completely avoid using the rear camera as you can be able to take even better selfies with it provided you learn how to effectively use it. The front camera usually has a lower resolution as compared to the rear one. Feel free to regularly use your iPhone’s rear camera to take selfies especially when you want to capture high-quality images for editing or printing purposes.

4. Download and use self-timer apps

There comes a time when you might want to take your selfie while using the self-timer option. Most iPhones do not come preinstalled with the self-timer camera feature. However, you can easily find and download various self-timer apps like GorillaCam, CameraTimer and Camera Timer from the Appstore that have been proven to be highly effective in doing the same. Once you have downloaded and installed the self-timer app of your choice, you can then easily position your iPhone in a steady place, step into your preferred area of focus and wait for the magic to happen.

5. Use the “Burst” mode for mobile backgrounds

If you own an iPhone 6 then you have realized that your front camera also comes fully installed with the essential “Burst” mode selfie feature. You can easily use this beneficial function to capture perfect selfies especially when you are surrounded by mobile objects. This burst mode option enables you to take up to 10 selfies in a single click and actively freezes the increasingly mobile background objects. You can then select either one or two photos from the multiple ones taken by the Burst mode selfie feature and then delete the rest.

6. Lighting is always key

Lighting is a key factor to consider when you are taking photos. This is because no matter how clear or sophisticated your iPhone’s camera is you are likely to capture unattractive selfies when you are in a badly lit environment. Instead of opting to use your iPhone’s inbuilt flash, you are advised to select an environment that is full of attractive natural light. This is because it is almost impossible to adjust the intensity of your phone’s flash so taking a selfie while the flash is activated may lead to overexposure.

It is also considered wise to avoid indoor lighting at all costs as your selfies are most likely to appear distorted when took under various lighting conditions. You should learn to take your selfies during the early morning or early evening when shooting outdoors.

7. Select your background wisely

It is advisable to take your selfie in a smart, clean yet simple background. If possible look for backgrounds that have solid colors, especially walls and curtains. Having a less cluttered background is likely to result in an even more attractive selfie. You are also encouraged to avoid the popular yet misguided bathroom selfie scenario at all costs.

8. Experiment with various angles

Before deciding to take a selfie, it is important to experiment with various angles to find one that brings out the best in you at first. You can occasionally tilt your head sideways until you find an angle that makes you even more attractive than you actually are. After some practice, you will soon identify the appropriate angle that brings out your best side, hence; you will be able to use it as often as possible. You can also invest in a selfie stick if you love to take selfies with a large group of people.

9. Use the mirror where possible

You can use your iPhone’s rear camera to take a selfie of you in the mirror. After capturing your image in the mirror, you can then use the captured image to analyze the framing aspect of your selfie. You can even post this selfie as it is of even higher quality than the one taken while using your iPhone’s front camera. However, you should never take a selfie if there is a mirror by your side. This will most likely spoil your selfie as the mirror will provide unnecessary reflections to your photo.

10. Edit your selfie

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of editing apps available on the Appstore. You can use these third party apps or your iPhone’s inbuilt editing app to make various adjustments to your selfie before uploading it to social media or using it as your default WhatsApp profile picture. However, you should use the editing and filtering effects with moderation as overusing them is likely to distort your selfie and make it even impossible to recognize you.

11. Use the HDR feature

HDR is a beneficial iPhone camera feature that captures 2 photos at a time and then combines them into a single image that is even clearer. It is no secret that the front camera takes selfies with a low resolution. Hence, using this feature is likely to improve the quality of your photos. You should, however, select only one of the saved photos as the HDR feature saves two similar if you wish to save on device storage space.


By using all the beneficial tips for taking awesome selfie with your iPhone provided above, you will be able to capture interesting photos that bring out your creative side. These amazing tips can be used even by smartphone users with low-resolution iPhones to capture professional selfies.

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