Methods to Type Faster on an Android Phone

We all know the feeling, slowly typing out each word to let your girlfriend know that you’re on you way home, terrified that your phone will auto correct to a slightly less polite message. The never ending stress of having to stop in the middle of a metro station to quickly write an email to your boss, which ends up taking you five minutes longer than you would have originally hoped. Since humanity is now living at a faster pace of life, humanity wants to do things faster. Get to work faster, eat faster, the never ending bustle of daily life. This bustle has even gone down into our need to type faster. This isn’t necessarily bad, and when you type faster you get to have more time not looking down at your android phone. You can contact and communicate with people, and generally have your brain working faster. So what are some ways to make you type faster for android users? We have put together a few tips to get you started.


1.Trust Auto Correct.

The first method of typing on an android phone is to trust auto correct. We have all seen those funny memes on the internet of people accidentally sending rude messages to their mothers, but this really shouldn’t deter people from using auto correct. Auto correct is a fantastic way for making you type faster in the fact that it saves the user from having to go back and forth checking to see if they spelt a certain word right. It allows seemless and easy communication, and if you do fall to victim to the auto correct memes, it’s sure going to provide a laugh.


2.Voice Dictation.

Why type all together when you can speak to your phone and have it texted out for you? Voice dictation is a fantastic way of saving time typing, and comes with most android phone keyboards. If your phone doesn’t have voice dictation then you can easily download a keyboard that does allow you to use it. The problem with voice dictation is that the user has to pronounce their message very clearly, and has to voice punctuation themselves, saying such words as ‘full stop’, ‘comma’ ect…However this isn’t too bad when you remember the ease of being able to speak your texts.


3. Position Your Hands Comfortably.

There are two different types of typer; people who type with two thumbs and people who type with their singular index finger. The two thumb method users place their hands on both sides of their phone and easily use their two thumbs to type quickly and thoroughly. This in our opinion is the best method. However that does not mean to say the index finger method users are typing incorrectly as this often can be a fast way to type when you have a large keyboard. The point is that it is important to find a method that suits the individual and stick to it, as the more you type using this method the faster the individual will be.

4. Short Cuts.

One of the best ways to make typing quicker is to create your own personal shortcuts for phrases that the user knows that they use regularly. Some phones have built in short cuts but it never hurts to create your own, for instance ‘wfdt?’ for ‘what’s for dinner tonight?’. The possibilities are endless!

5. Swipe to Type Method.

Some android phones have the ability to allow the user to swipe their finger across a keyboard, going from letter to letter to allow the user to spell out their words. Some say that this isn’t a quick method at all, whilst others claim it is the saviour of quick typing. It is definitely worth a try if you are trying to send your messages quicker!

So as we have seen there are a variety of ways to type quicker, but it all really depends on the person typing and what their preferred methods are. No longer will you have to be wary of spelling mistakes, and can just let your typing fingers fly! We hope this piece has been informational to the reader and that they would consider sharing it to make their friends aware of the possibilities of how to type faster on an android phone.

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