Windows Media Player Does not Work. How to Fix it?

Sometimes you may meet some problems with the media player on the Windows like the software can not work normally. Here we prepared some tips and solutions to some common problems. You can go through the whole post and find the cases that suit you.

Case 1.

My media player on the Windows stopped working. When I was going to play my videos, the player just doesn’t work. Even some videos that I played before just can not be played on the computer. Besides, there is a window pop up and remind me “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly , Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.” And I have to click the Close program.



You may do a System Restore to fix the problem. You’d better make a backup of the important data on the AppData folder of your C:disk on the computer before restore the system to previous poin in time.


Case 2.

I just cannot open the media player! I click on the icon or shortcut on my desktop and the cursor turned into an hour glass for several seconds, and then nothing happens. I clicked on it again and again, but the media player just can not be open. I tried to reinstall it but still useless!



You may try to deactivate your security software or registry protection software on your computer. You can also try disabling the antivirus software to see if the media player can work normally. If so, the antivirus software is not compatible with the media player. Hence you may just changed the antivirus software.

Case 3.

The WMP 11 doesn’t work suddenly while the associations are still good. When I tried to start the media player or click on the videos directly, I get nothing but a spiny-cursor. So if I want to watch the videos, I can only start the WMP and Run As Administrator, which is messy and troublesome.



Follow the methods below in order. For example. try the tip1 and then the tip2 if the first method fail.

  1. Restore the system just like the solution in case 1.
  2. Check the security settings of the WMP.exe file.
  3. Non destructive reinstall.


Case 4.

My notebook doesn’t operate well after the updates. Everything on the laptop seems wrong. The printer reader no longer functions and then the media player are not working, too.



The solution is simple and all you need is to make sure that within the run command the phrase i.e. msdt.exe -id WindowsMediaPlayerConfigurationDiagnostic and then the window will appear. If the tool runs in full, then issue may be solved. If the media player still can not work, you can click here to download the official diagnostics tool.



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