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Clean App Cookies to Speed up the HTC Phones

What Are Cookies on HTC Phone?

Cookies in your smart phone usually refer to the Internet cookies, browser cookies, web cookies or just cookies. What's more, the cookies are files with small size that are sent by the website when you use the browser and will be transferred to the server to record the your browsing custom. By the way, the cookies are also stored in the browser. Generally speaking, cookies can enable you to use the browser conveniently. But as time goes, the cookies will accumulate in your device. Actually too many cookies are useless to you and will take much space of your memory space. So you can clean the app cookies to free the space and speed up your mobile phones.

About Other Junk Files.

If you want to speed up your Android phone completely, you need also clean other junk files like app temp files, photo caches, app caches, download temp files, user storage files, crash logs and so on. These junk files will be generated whenever you play your device. For example, temp files will be left on your device when you start the apps or download files online. Photo caches will be generated after you browse pictures. Crash logs will record the situations of the crashed apps. One word, they will be generated as long as you use the mobile phone. Moreover, they are useless to the users and cleaning the junk files is the best choice for users to speed up the device and free the space.

How to Clean Junk Files from Android Phones?

Cleaning junk files manually will cost you much time and efforts. So here we will offer you another easy and quick method. It will be a piece of cake to clean all the junk files with MobiKin Cleaner for Android (Windows/Mac), which is the professional software that can detect the connected device automatically and scan the files thoroughly. Furthermore, all the files it scanned are displayed as different categories so that users can find the target files easily and directly. Besides, the software can support various brands of Android phones like HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony, Nexus and so on with various generations of Android operating system from Android 2.0 to Android 5.0 or later. By the way, the software is clean without any spyware, adware or other malware.

Now you can download the software by clicking the icons below. There are two versions available. One is the Windows version and the other is a Mac version.

Tutorial to Clean App Cookies from HTC Phones

Step 1. Install and run the software on your computer and then connect the two devices to computer with their USB cables. You will see an interface like this. Just select the Quick Scan mode.


Step 2.Then you can mark the files you want the software to scan on the window and then click Start Scan button on the top panel.


Step 3. Finally you will see an interface that shows you the scanning result. Then mark the files you want to clean and then click on the Clean button to clean them at once.


The software will be coming soon!

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