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How to Clean Browser Traces of Samsung Galaxy Easily?

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Q:"Yesterday I just browsed the photos of my ex on my Samsung before I realize the photos was that person. Then I just keep playing the Samsung phone and today my girl friend just asked me why I saved the photos of my ex on my phone and seemed to misunderstood something. Finally I explained clearly and she may be trust what I said. Any way I just want to know why the photos I browsed are left on my phone and I never download it. Thanks a lot if you can answer my question and tell me what to do to avoid the similar situations."

You may do not know there are many traces left on your devices when every day you play the smart phone. People may find out what you browsed or what you have done if you notice the traces. For example the photo caches will be generated after you browsed some photos of large size; Temp files may be generated when you play the app or use the browser. Cookies will be left on your mobile phone while surfing the internet and there will be crash logs left even when your smart phone get crashed.

On the one hand these traces are the record of your what you have done and on the other hand they are junk files that occupy the space of your memory card. Usually these junk files are useless so many people choose to clean all of them to speed up the smart phones. Here we will offer you the simplest and most professional method to clean all the junk files.

Tool You'll Need:

Firstly you need a third party tool - Android Data Cleaner, which is the professional and powerful cleaning software. It can detect the connected devices automatically and scan all the junk files like app temp files, app cookies, app caches, user storage files, photos caches, crash logs, etc on your mobile phone. You are allowed to scan and delete the files you select. By the way the software was developed for Android phones so all brands of Android phones can be supported by it.

Now, just click the below icon to delete your unneeded files on Android mobile phone as you like. Follow the steps below to perform the cleaning process. Besides, the guide will take the Samsung phone as the example and actually no matter what brands of Android phones you have, the processes are almost the same.

Steps to Clean Junk Files on Samsung Galaxy Easily

Step 1. Install the software you just downloaded and connect your Samsung phone to PC with its USB cable. Then start the software and install the MobileGo connector on your device according to the screen. Then the software will begin to detect your connected device.

connect android device to pc

Step 2. Then select the mode you want of software to continue. Just choose the "Erase All Data" mode.

clean browser traces on samsung

Note: For Android devices, the software now only supports the Erase All Data mode, so please do make a backup before you start the process in case of unexpected data lost. And the software will be improved with more functions soon.

Step 3. Then you will see a new interface. Type "delete" on the box to confirm your action and then hit "Erase Now" button to remove them immediately.

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